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Link would long since have gone broke if there weren't so many rupees scattered just about everywhere all throughout Hyrule. So here is nifty little page to help you identify the worth of the different colored rupees you may encounter.

Green Rupees

Green rupees are the most common rupees that you can find literally anywhere. They can be in rocks, boxes, pots, plants, chests, and enemies. This is for a very simple reason. They are only worth one rupee each.

Blue Rupees

Blue Rupees are only slightly less common than green rupees. You will sometimes find them in plants, pots, chests, or enemies. They are worth five rupees each.

Red Rupees

Red rupees can be found mostly in selected chests that are harder to reach than most. You will very rarely, if ever, see them in any other areas except for when you defeat certain enemies. They are worth twenty rupees a piece.

Purple Rupees

Purple Rupees are very area, and are almost exclusively hidden in chests that are hard to reach. It is very rare that you will get a purple rupee for defeating an enemy. They are each worth fifty rupees a pop.

Silver Rupees

Silver rupees in Ocarina of Time are for use of collection in dungeons to normally open a door, and are worth five rupees each, but they are different in Majora's Mask. Silver rupees found in Majora's Mask are normally inside chests. In that game, they are worth one-hundred rupees each.

Gold Rupees

Gold Rupees are pretty rare in any game. They are very rarely found certain chests. Once you have defeated 100 Gold Skulltulas then the head of the cursed family will give you one every time you visit him. Defeating certain enemies like Skullkids as an Adult will give you one as well. Also known as Huge Rupees, these are each worth an astounding two-hundred rupees a piece. I wish I could find so much cash in a chest that is just sitting around..

Now you have been amazed by my color-coding skills.