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Well, here it is. The solutions to my little challenges. Very long winded and not all that great, but you should be able to figure it out.


The Challenge - Beat the Forest Temple as a Kid using the Gameshark.

The Details - I have purposefully excluded this and other little Gameshark related goals from my Glitch Page for the reason of posting them up here. I know how to do it, but here is where you can test your own skills and creativity. You can do it for fun if you want, or if you have the ability to take screenshots, you can send them in and get your name posted as the very first person to beat the Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month! Good luck to you, and remember not to lose faith.

The Solution - It can be done. You need the Slingshot, the Gameshark "Press L to Levitate Code," the goron bracelet, and whatever other codes you want to make it easier. You can fly up into the temple as a kid using the L code. Then you need to go retrieve the boss key in the room at the end of the twisted corridor. To untwist it, you shoot the eye with your slingshot at the beginning of the corridor. You can then go retrive the boss key. Note: You will probably have to retrive some small keys to get there first. Think about it. You have the flying code, so you can easily access the key in the left grotto-like area, or you can access the switch that drains the well to get the key there. So once you have enough keys to make it to the twisted corridor (Don't worry about the blocks, Link can push them with the Goron Bracelet) you can go get the boss key like I stated earlier. Go back to the main room with the elevator in it. As a kid, Link cannot battle the ghosts, so you have to find another way to get down into the shaft. Easy. Walk over to the edge wall of the room, facing the elevator, and begin to float off the ground. Float up until you can make it over the back of the wall, and get back begind it. Fall a little ways outside the level until you can see the shaft from underneat the level. Float inside it and allow yourself to fall, or try and land in the elevator and ride it down. Sometimes when you mess up, you land in there and everything is black. Just float up the shaft into the elevator (It should start moving) and ride it down. Beat the room down there like normal, and go into the boss room. TO defeat Phantom Gannon, use your slingshot while he is on his horse, and reflect his attacks back and hit him with your sword like normal once he is off. Since your sword is so small, it is actually more efective to use an empty bottle to reflect back his blasts, then hit him with a Deku stick when he is down. Then you can collect the heart piece, and go to the chamber of sages as a child. For me, the game actually aloud it, and I had the Forest medallion before I had any spiritual stones. Trippy.