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Question 1: What is up with Link's ear-ring?

     You may or may not have noticed, but Adult Link actually has an ear-ring in his ear. Yet he does not as a kid. So how did it get there? The Sage of light says that you sleep for the whole 7 years between being a kid and an adult, so did he just get bored one day and pierce Link's ear? Or maybe.. it is the secret to getting the Triforce! Okay, so probably not. Actually, this entire question is just.. odd. Chances are it was just added on to make him look cool, and was just an oversight in the game. But still, you have to wonder about it.

Question 2: Who Created the Song of Storms?

     Once again I look far too deeply into a "simple" video game. So here's the deal. You learn the Song of Storms from the man in the Windmill as an adult. If you pay attentino to what he says when you talk to him, when you pull the ocarina out to learn the song, and when you play it after that, you learn that he claims that you actually taught the song to him seven years ago (When you were a kid.) You can probably see where I am going with this one ny now. To beat the game, you do have to go back in time and play the Song of Storms for him in the windmill. (That is because that drains the well so you can go down there and get the Lense of Truth.) So, this whole paradox winds up being true. Now just think about that question up there in the big bold letters. If you do that for too long it will probably give you a headache. So who did really come up with it? Did Link actually figure something out on his own? Or did the Windmill guy actually originally come up with it, then teach it to Link, who went back and taught it to him earlier? Is any of that even possible? Did some stranger originally come up with the Song before either of them, to explain why the song is also available in Majora's Mask? Am I asking far too many questions? These are all things we may never know. Well, I think I've confused and annoyed enough people for today, so until next time, this has been your humble webmaster, AKA Sean.

Question 3: What happened to Lord Jabbu-Jabbu?

     Now here is a question that few will even bother to ask. As we all know, Lord Jabbu-Jabbu is the third level you must negotiate as a child. In other words, you get eaten by a big fish and kill the bad guys inside him. As a child, he is floating there in Zora's Fountain staring off to space. But as an adult, he was nowhere to be seen. In his place is an ice block. Did he become the ice block? Not likely, the size and shape is off and too much underwater for him to have just been covered over in ice. Did he swim away? Maybe, but considering the facts that you do not find him anywhere else in the game and that he was really too fat to leave the founatin via the waterfall (Which is fenced in) it seems unlikely. This leaves only two possible explanations. First off - Gannondorf killed him. It is entirely possible. Gannondorf was the bad-guy of the game. But then there is one other explanation. Maybe the Zoras ate him! Okay okay, so they probably did not eat their patron deity, but then again, if you get hungry enough... So we probably will never know, but you might want to keep in Mind how fat King Zora is. I recomend staying away from him.