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Zelda 64 Glitches And Other Useful Info

Here it is, the complete collection of glitches for Zelda 64: The Ocrarina of Time. They are listed in an alphabetical manner, so you can scroll down or skip to a specific letter. I also included other neat little things to help out.



Ledge Oddity

  • Link Cracks out on a Ledge - Sometimes when you leap from one ledge to another, and land right on the edge of that ledge (Hey I rhymed!) Link will start making odd noises and bounce up and down really quickly if you hold the control stick forward. Releasing the control stick will cause him to stop and fall off the ledge. A common place for this is the Lakeside Laboratory, leaping accross the water to the platform.

Lense of Truth

  • Use the Lense of Truth without using magic - Okay, for this one, all you need is the Lense of Truth, and your Ocarina with the Song of Storms. First get out your Ocarina and play the Song of Storms as normal. As soon as the song quits and you regain control of Link, press the button you have the Lense of Truth equipped to. It will activate as normal, but if you were quick enough, it will not be draining any magic. You can even use other magic like the spin attack while it is on.
  • Farore's Wind Oddity - Heads up to my lil Bro for noticing this one. He was messing around one day and noticed that if you cast Farore's Wind, you will see a green ball of energy at the entrance to the room of the dungeon you are in. The odd thing is, if you turn on the Lense of Truth, you will be able to see the ball of energy through the main lense circle, but not on the outside that is supposed to be just the normal view, even though without the lense on you can see it on the normal view. I guess the Lense of Truth can Lie to you, as well.

Locations of Big Red fairies

There are many many locations scattered everywhere that have those big red wingless fairys that restore magic as well as heal.

  • The Secret to finding them - Notice whenever Navi turns green for no apparent reason? Many times all you have to do is walk up to this area and play the Song of Storms for the fairy to come out. Otherwise it is an area to play the scarecrow song and have pierre pop up.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • An Oddity - You Know how you can leave Lon Lon Ranch on Epona by hopping over the fences? Well if you didn't: you can. But that is not the oddity. Using the gameshark and the "Press L to levitate" code, you can just float over the fence then drop immediately to leave Lon Lon Ranch that way without your horse, even as a kid.
  • Ingo's Oddity - Once you are a grownup and Ingo takes over Lon Lon ranch, you can do this trick. You will once again need the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code on. Pay Ingo to ride your horse but immediately leave the walled off area by flying over and leave the ranch. You will be out in Hyrule field with a timer still on. When the time runs down, nothing will happen. You won't be able to use certain c-button items though, as if you were still in the ranch riding area. All you have to do is go back and pay him again then let time run down for this glitch to fix itself.
  • The Easiest Way To Get Epona Ever - You will need a gameshark with the "Press L to levitate" code on and a knowledge of the above two tricks. What you do this time however, is pay Ingo to ride, then float out of the riding area and out of Lon Lon ranch by using any of the fence areas Epona leaps over. It will suddenly show the scene of you leaping over the fence with Epona and when the time runs down, you will have her permenantly. Lon Lon Ranch will return to normal when you go back.. and you didn't even have to race Ingo.

Levitate and Longshot Oddity

  • Roof - Go to a roof on Kakariko village with the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code active. Equip your longshot or hookshot, it doesn't matter which. From the roof you are on, shoot it aat another roof you can lock on to and wait for it to latch on. Then hold down the L button to start levitating. You will be hovering over the spot the Longshot latched on to but pulling away. You can pull the chain to whatever length you wish, and it will never run out. Release L to come back down.
  • Wall - Go to an area with a wall that you can Hookshot/Longshot onto. Aim for the highest area that you can get from the bottom. Grapple on and Press L INCOMPLETE


Magic Bean Fairies

  • Getting three fairies - Play the song of storms as a kid in front of a dirt patch with a magic bean plant in it. THe plant will suddenly grow and let out three healing fairies, then shrink back to its original size.

Market Games

  • Treasure Chest Game Cheat - Use the Lens of Truth while playing the treasure chest game to see what is inside the chests. This makes the game all too easy to play and win.


  • Don't get attacked by Zombies in Hyrule field as a kid at night - Wear the Bunny Hood.
  • Don't get attacked by bats or birds as a kid - Wear the spooky mask.
  • Talk to Gossip stones - See the Gossip Stone Section under the G-Section.


Name Tricks

  • Name Your Character Zelda - Okay, you can thank Chris Kizer for adding this little section. No real glitches or tricks here, just some humor. For example, Chris pointed out a small funny exchange between Zelda and Link (Named Zelda by you.) If your character is named Zelda then the real Zelda will say in that long old scene where you first meet her, "Zelda. That name sounds familiar." Another funny area is after you defeat Gannon, he will say "Curse you Zelda!" twice. Yadda yadda.
  • Some other tricks - Other funny naming tricks are stuff like naming your character"Retard" etc etc. I personally like it when you first leave the forest and Saria stops you and says "Hey Retard! Wait up!"



  • Bow/Slingshot and Ocarina Trick - Hold down the Z-Button and pull out your bow/Slingshot. Still holding the Z-Button down, press and hold the C-Button with your Bow/Slingshot to load it with an Arrow/Deku Seed. Not letting go, press the button that has your Ocarina equipped. Link will pull out his Ocarina, and he will have an arrow or a Deku Seed floating in front of him. If you use Magic arrows for this trick, they will float in front of you but lose their magic power. When you stop the Ocarina, you will hear the shot hit if you are near a wall.
  • Extra Ocarina Notes - Moving your control stick around while making notes on your Ocarina and they will change pitch. The same goes for pressing Z or pressing R while playing notes as well.
  • Play Ocarina While Sinking in Sand - You can actually play your Ocarina while you are sinking in the quick sand at the Haunted wasteland. Why would you want to do this? Easy, you can warp away instead of die.
  • Which Ocarina do you have? - Here is an odd one I noticed while on a glitching spree. If you use the gameshark then you may have noticed that you can really makes some odd things happen, and that is how I came up with this little trick. You will need to have a new game with the "Have Ocarina of Time" code on. Beat everything as a kid but never ever go to the bridge where Saria gives you the fairy Ocarina. Once it is all beaten, go to the castle and watch the scene, then pick up the real Ocarina of time and learn the song of time. Go back to the forest then finally leave it using that bridge to get the fairy Ocarina. The end result: The icon of the Ocarina will be that of your fairy Ocarina, but the Ocarina he plays will be the Ocarina of time.

Odd Running

  • Run along anywhere continuously tapping, but not holding down, the Z"Button. Link's run will become all odd looking.



  • Drink a Poe - You can do more than just sell poes to that weird guy in Hyrule town as a future. Set a Poe in a bottle to a C-button and use it. Link will drink the Poe. Why he wants to do this, I do not know. Sometimes it heals him and other times it hurts him.



Rock Head Link

  • Rock Head - To do this little trick, you need the Gameshark "Press L to levitate" code and at least the silver gauntlets. Walk up to one of those giant silver colored boulders and pick it up. Do not throw it away. Instead, tap the L Button to lift off the ground for a second. Once you land again, the rock will settle on Link, making it look as if his head was replaced by the rock. You will be able to run around like normal with this giant rock head. If you leave, the rock will be gone. If you hit A while you still have it, Link will throw it. If you get hurt, Link will drop it and it will bust.

Running Man

  • Time Oddity - I have to admit here that I did not come up with this one, but it is pretty much common knowledge, so I really do not know who came up with it originally. What you do is go to the Tent in Gerudo Valley as an Adult, and accept the Running man's impossible challenge to race him to the entrance of Kokiri Forest. (He always beats you by one second, no matter what.) Instead of heading off to the forest, just run to the Temple of Time, going as far as you can on Epona. Do not warp there, as it will cause the timer to disappear. Once inside, return the Master Sword to the Pedestal of Time and you will time travel back in time. The timer will still be running, even though you are back in the past. If you talk to the running man of the past he will not do anything different. If you go on back to the entrance to the Kokiri Forest, he will not be there. THe timer will keep going until it hits the four minute mark, in which the Running Man of the future will talk to you, even though you are in the past. Odd.

Rupees in Beginning

  • Quick cash by the castle 1 - As a kid, climb up the chains of the drawbridge and jump accross towards the other chain or wait until night and walk accross the tip of the drawbridge up there to get three red rupees at twenty rupees each. You can do this over and over.
  • Quick cash by the castle 2 - As a kid or an adult, go into the door you see right inside the drawbridge on the way to the market. Inside, there are many many many pots. You can bust them to get quick cash. This can be done as much as you want.
  • Quick Cash in the forest - In the beginning, you may notice it is not as easy to get a lot of rupees quickly. The best way to do so is to jump accross the three platforms in the lake by the little waterfall to get 5 rupees. Go inside a house and it resets. You can do this over and over. The same thing can be done by leaping accross the area of water near the twins' house towards the shop landing on the small square last to get another 5 rupees over and over.



  • Look through Link's view while using Your shield - As a kid, equip your Hylian shield. Press the shield button (R) and the look button (C-Up) at about the same time. He will kneel over and you will then look through his eyes. Your view will be lower to the ground than normal.
  • Shield Oddity - As a kid, equip and use the Hylian shield by pressing and holding R. Still holding R, press start and equip your Deku shield. For as long as you press R He will he kneeling down Like normal with the Deku Shield, except floating a couple inches off the ground.
  • Shield Oddity 2 - As a kid, equip the Deku shield and press and hold R. Press Start and change over to the Hylian shield while still holding R, then go back to the game. He will be kneeling with his arm up as if holding the Deku shield but with the Hylian shield on his back.


  • Fix a broken sign - Ever break a sign you really needed to read? Okay, so maybe signs aren't all that important to the game, but if you want to fix a broken sign immediately, just play Zelda's Lullaby in front of that sign and watch it magically reform.
  • Jumping Sign - This is just a neat little oddity. Once you have broken a sign, hit the ground with the megaton hammer and the pieces will go bouncing around.
  • Signs float - This is just another minor oddity. If you break a sign and the piece goes flying into water, it will float around.


  • House of Skulltula Oddity - Ever hit one of the Skulltulas in the house of Skulltula with your sword? If you do, it will swing back and forth like a regular Big Skulltula. If you move around to its back while it is swinging and hit it with your sword then, you will stun it and it will scream. It will scream again and swing around attacking like an enemy. THey don't say anything different, and if you leave or just backoff for awhile they will return to normal.
  • Infinite Skulltulas - On your way to the milk crates around the side of the castle as a kid, there is a tree inside the fence in the corner. Play the Song of Storms there and a hole will appear. Inside the grotto, bomb the walls to reveal some regular skulltulas and a gold one. Stand right next to the little light pad that takes you up and kill the Gold Skulltula. Target the gold coin that pops out with your boomerang, and let it go. Once it touches the coin and starts to come back, leave before you catch it. THe message saying you destroyed a gold skulltula should freeze. Your token count will go up one, but when you go back down there, the Gold Skulltula will still be there. You can repeat this to get an unlimited amount of Gold Skulltulas.

Spirit Temple

  • Get the Mirror Shield as a Kid - This is simple. Use the Gameshark Levitate code, and the all Quest Status Items code. Or have gotten the Ocarina Song to warp there. Be a kid, play the song to warp to the Desert Collussus, and fly up and get the Mirror Shield. Simple. See it for yourself!

Swordless Link

This glitch leads to many many more glitches, most of them involving Epona. Consult the E-Section to see what you can do with Epona next.

  • Main way - As an adult, go to Ganon's castle and defeat Ganondorf. When you go down and fight Ganon, your sword will get knocked out of your hand. Save it then and reset. When you restart, Link will have no sword. To get it back just go through again to Ganon and retrieve the sword. Note: Some later versions of the game have patched this glitch, so when you restart you will have the sword still.
  • Epona way - Go to Lon Lon Ranch as an adult and get Epona by beating Ingo in two consecutive races before you get the bow. When he locks you in the ranch leap over the back fences, not the gate he closes. Epona will leap over them and be in Hyrule field with you. When you get off, your sword should No longer be equipped. When you restart, you will have the sword again, but as long as you don't ever get the bow you can just leap over the back Fence of the ranch again to set it back to him not having a sword. Note: I did this code while doing the Cartridge Trick, and I now believe it is recquired to do that trick to do the Epona Version of Swordless Link.
  • As a kid - Do the cartridge lifting trick to leave the forest without ever getting a sword. Details of the trick are in the C-Section


The Lost Woods

  • No Music in the lost woods - Another gameshark related glitch. Just go as if you are going to leave the Kokiri forest over the bridge that leads to Hyrule field. Instead of going all they way, however, you just float over the bridge railing with the "Press L to Levitate" code. Then you can go on through the Lost woods like normal, but no music will be playing.

The Skullkids

  • Battle the Skullkids in the Lost Woods - Go into the lost woods as an adult and the skullkids there will no longer be so friendly to you, since you are not a kid. Instead of playing music joyfully, they will attack you with their flutes. Defeat them for a golden rupee each that is worth 200 rupees.
  • The Skullkid oddity - Here is another gameshark related glitch. Using the "Press L to Levitate" code, you can fly up to where the skullkids stand as a kid, once you have befriended them. If you touch the Lone skulkid, it will actually hurt you as if he were an enemy. As for the other two, you walk right through them.


Underwater Sword

  • Go to Lake Hylia or another place where you can just walk into the water. Put the Iron Boots and get out your sword. Begin to Power up the sword while standing at the edge or partially in water, but not submerged. Once you have powered up you can gradually edge into the water. You will keep your sword even while submerged! You can go as deep as you want with it like this. Once you release the spin attack underwater it will sound all funky. He will then finally put his sword away.



Warp Point Trick

Ever been glitching out, err playing the game and figure out that you need something from another temple but you are already so far and at a critical point in another temple? I know I have. I wish I knew this trick at those times.

  • Temple Warp - Cast Farore's Wind in one temple. Go to another temple and do what you need to do. Cast Farore's Wind again and it will ask what you want to do. Select "Return to Warp-point" and you will warp off to the point in the other temple. Unfortunately, traveling through time will wipe out this so you cannot use this to get into Adult temples as a kid or vice versa. Some of that can be done with the world-famous super perfect ever-useful "Press L to levitate" Gameshark Code. You can even beat a temple or two that way.


  • Bomb Glitch - Jump onto the spinning platform and drop a bomb. The bomb will not go anywhere. If the windmill is spinning fast because you have played the Song of Storms inside, and you do this glitch, then the bomb will move along all in short jerks.





  • Zelda says stupid things to you - Sneak back into the castle with any mask of your choice. When you talk to Zelda she will say odd things to you like: "It must be exciting to sneak in wearing that mask!"
  • Zelda is actually Hiding in the castle! - Well maybe not, but this is an odd Gameshark related glitch. All you need is to have the "Press L to levitate" code on. Once you collect all three spiratual stones and see the scene where Zelda and Impa flee the castle with Ganandorf in pursuit, you can do this glitch. Normally, if you try to sneak into the castle after that, two guards are in the way and always catch you. But using the levitation code you can fly over the nearby wall to get past them. Do not try to fly directly over them, they will still capture you. But if you go over that wall normally blocking your way, you can go along through the normal way to where Zelda normally is. All the other guards normally patrolling will be gone. When you finally get there, Zelda will be where she nornally is, and she will talk to you as if you have collected only two of the spiratual stones. Impa will not be there.
    • Zelda is looking into quite the small hallway - Ever want to get into the hall that Zelda is looking into? Well no, me neither. But now you can with this gameshark related glitch. All you need is that ever-useful "Press L to levitate" code. Once again, you sneak on into the castle to the area where Zelda is looking through the window. You can just fly over the wall and into the little sliver of hallway that is actually there. You can walk through the two guards you see there. You can look back through the window at Zelda just to be odd. You can also do this at the other windows, and the one with the paintings of Nintendo Characters on the wall actually has an area where you swim around in nothing.

Zora's Domain

  • Get Under the Ice in Zora's Domain as an Adult - There is a way that you can get under the ice that involves swordless Link and other tricks combined that allows you to get Under the ice. But if you haven't figured out now how incredibly useful the Gameshark can be to you in your glitching quests, and you haven't gotten yours working or went out and bought one, then you probably never will. Thus, I will tell you the much simpler way of getting in using the all-too-redundantly-used "Press L to levitate" code. First, you need to go to Lake Hylia. Remember the passage between Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia? Well, it is frozen over, but still active. You objective is to use that to get to Zora's Domain. It is many times more easier if you have not beaten the Water Temple yet, and the water in Lake Hylia is still low. If you have beat it, it can still be done. Assuming that you did not beat the water temple, you just fly over the walls ov the level, drop down below, then come up underneath the entrance and appear inside on the other side of the ice block to be warped to Zora's Domain. If you did beat the water Temple, you do the same, but you will soon learn that Link will be underground but floating in water. You need to swim to the edge of the shore, and dive down towards the back of the entrance to get in. Once you warp, Immediately press start and equip the Iron Boots, otherwise you will just float up and pop above the ice.
  • Use the Sun Song to get back down there - Let's say that you are still in Zora's Domain but you popped up above the ice after a little exploration. No problem, as long as you do not leave you can play the Sun Song and Link Will re-appear back at the entrance he came in, namely, under the ice.
  • The Odd Passage - If you ever had a good eye and notice what looks like a cave by the ladder near the River entrance to the Domain from the river that is under water, then you have probably wondered what is down there. Well, using the Iron Boots, you can sink down and walk the few feet into the cave and find the Triforce! No, not really. Actually, it is just a dead end. Nothing, nadda, zilch, zip. Same goes for behind the waterfall. You can go there too. More nothing.