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Zelda 64 Glitches And Other Useful Info

Here it is, the complete collection of glitches for Zelda 64: The Ocrarina of Time. They are listed in an alphabetical manner, so you can scroll down or skip to a specific letter. I also included other neat little things to help out.



Gameshark Works

From Gameshark Version 2.2 on, Zelda 64 is supported. You need to get the keycode working first. All you have to do is put the gameshark and another game that works with the gameshark. Turn it on, and go to the Keycode option. From there, go through the keycodes and select the Zelda code by pressing A. The gameshark will ask if you are sure you have the game. Select yes, then it will tell you to turn off the gameshark and insert that game. Do so, and the gameshark should now work with Zelda. Select your version of Zelda for the codes to work and get the ones you want on. You may need to do some trial and error tests to see which codes work. I am not going to give you any gameshark codes, because most of the ones you need are already in the gameshark, and all the others can be found at other sites. If you don' have or know what a gameshark is, check out the Official Gameshark Website. Although each code is technically a glitch, there are some pretty neat ones I just had to point out. I have spread out some random gameshark related glitches all throughout this page and will note them as necessary. If my explanation has been too confusing on to how to get it working, you can always check the little manual that comes with the gameshark. It tells you how to get it working with games that need keycodes, and even uses Ocarina of Time as the example game.

  • All Equipment Code Glitch - Using the "Have all Equipment" code can be very useful, as it gives you all the Tunics, swords, and boots. But there is a glitch that detracts from using this. If you use this code before going to the Fire Temple as an adult, this glitch will result. When you finally do go to Goron City, the only Goron there will not open up the doors to the Goron store or Darunia's Chamber. This is because you already have the Goron Tunic, so he will just say what he says after he has opened it.
  • Beat the Shadow Temple as a Kid - It is possible. With the code giving you the lense of truth and other equipment, along with the 'Press L to Levitate' Code, it can be done. Defeat the boss by stunning his hands with slingshot seeds, doing a spin attack when he charges you to stun him, then hitting him with a sword. You can get the heart and the medallion. It even shows Link as a kid in the chamber of sages, and Impa talks to you as if you were a grownup. However, in the case where I did it, it would not allow me to keep the medallion, as it crashed right after the scene.
  • Defeat the Fire Temple as a Kid - Using the Gameshark it can be done. You will need the "Press L to levitate" code on, as well as the "Press C-Left to Use Megaton Hammer" code. You can use the Megaton hammer as a kid with this code, but it will be invisible. Now all you have to do is defeat the Fire Temple as an Adult up to the point of getting the Boss Key. Once you have it, go back to the Temple of Time and become a kid. Before you go back to the fire Temple, Fill all of your bottles with fairies so when you burn up you can keep going. Be sure to have as many hearts as possible and be with full health to increase the time before you do burn up. Then Warp to Death mountain crater and go into the Fire Temple (Flying if necessary.) Fly over to the boss room and go inside, then fly to the Platform where you fight the boss. He will come out and you can battle him as normal. Don't panic if you burn up a couple times, as your timer restarts everytime a fairy brings you back from the dead. When you eventually defeat the boss, you can get the heart container and teleport out. You will see the scene with Link in the Chamber of Sages, but as a kid. It is kind of amusing watching the camera angles set for Adult Link only show the top of his head. The game will not crash this time, as you have already collected the three Spiratual Stones and been an adult. When the scene Ends Death Mountain Crater will be all messed up until you leave. It is technically possible to cheat and do the Temple as a kid, but this way is easier. See it for yourself!

Gerudo Fortress

  • Color Trick - Free all of the carpenters at Gerudo Valley. You may notice that the Gerudo who gives you the membership card seems to be wearing the same color clothes as you. Change tunics and her clothes witll match the color of your tunic, no matter what.
  • Get in to Gerudo Fortress as a Kid - This one is easy. Use the "Press L to Levitate" Code to get over the gate. Here are some related oddities: See it for yourself!
    • The two patrolling guards at Gerudo Valley will throw you in jail - It's true. Be glad you have that code on to get out of there.
    • There are no guards outside the fortress - Unlike as an adult, there are no Gerudos outside. It is like a ghost town. But there are guards inside, and they will throw you in jail.
    • You can beat Gerudo's Fortress as a kid - It can be done. I found the best way to fight the Gerudo guards is to repeatedly use Din's Fire on them. Once you do that you will be able to run around the fortress as normal.
    • The chest on top does not have a heart piece in it - If you open it, you will instead get an odd mushroom. It will say you have to take it to the Potion Shop quickly otherwise it would spoil, even though no timer appears and you cannot use it. If you open that chest however, you will not be able to get the heart piece from it in the future.
    • The Thirty-seventh heart piece!? - Oddly enough, it is here in Gerudo Valley. Right up above the hole that drops in to the jail is a heart piece just sitting there. I guess this is just to make up for those who get the odd mushroom? Who knows?

Gossip Stones

There are so many odd things you can do to gossip stones (Those rocks with the eyes on them that if you hit with your sword tell you the time. )

  • Hit with your sword - It will say Boing Boing and then tell you the current time.
  • Walk up to it and hit A - They game will tell you that the stones one eyed gaze pierces into your mind.
  • Face it and press A while wearing the mask of truth - The stone will respond to the mask and tell you a bit of gossip. This will sometimes be a hint, sometimes be un-true altogether, or otherwise be completely irrelevent to the story or the game. The last thing is normally a stone telling you how black Ganondorf's horse is.
  • Hit it with your megaton hammer - You will actually flatten the stone for a little bit until it springs back up.
  • Blow up a bomb or bombchu right next it - The stone will start flashing blue a couple times, then it will flash red once, and then launch off into the sky. If there is a roof there, it will hit it and blow up.
    • If you hit the gossip stone with your sword while it is one of the colors it flashes, the launch will be aborted and the stone will stay that color for as long as you are there.
    • Throw a Deku Nut at the gossip stone while it is flashing and it will restart the launch sequence.
  • Hit the gossip stone with your arrows, longshot, slingshot, or boomerang - It will jiggle around for a bit.
  • Use a magic attack like Din's Fire or a magic arrow - The Gossip stone will start spinning around really fast, and elongate, then stop spinning and bounce back to its regular size.
    • Throw a Deku nut at it while it is elongated and it will stay that way for a second, before resuming its spin.
  • Note - Throwing a Deku nut at it will do nothing, but if you throw it while the gossip stone is in the process of anything listed above and it will pause as if stunned, then continue on with its odd actions.
  • Play the Ocarina in front of the gossip stone - This can have two results.
    • Zelda's Lullaby - A Small Fairy comes out that can heal you.
    • Song of Storms - A Big wingless fairy will pop out and heal you as well as restore your magic.
    • Sun's Song - A Fairy will come out to heal you.
    • Epona's Song - A Fairy will come out to heal you.
    • Song of Time - A Fairy will come out to heal you.
    • Saria's Song - Nothing happens beyond the nornal result of playing this song.
    • Warp Songs - Nothing happens beyond the normal results of playing these songs.
  • Make it Tell Time another way - If you run by a gossip stone as close as possible on Epona, your horse's feet will smack the Gossip Stone and it will tell you the time.


Heart Tricks

  • Have More Than the Maximum Hearts - When you start new a game from the beginning, immediately use the Gameshark "Have Maximum Hearts" code to have the regular maximum of hearts. Saving the game there will make that change permenant. Save it, and then restart the game with whatever codes you want, but never use that Max Heart code again for that game. The glitch is that all the heart containers you get from bosses and all the heart pieces you can collect will still be there, so now you can get more than the maximum amount of hearts. They just add on to the last row and can go all the way to the edge of the screen. Whenever you look at the status screen before selecting that game, the hearts will be scattered everywhere. Using the Max heart code again will cause those extra hearts to be deleted if you save with it on. Some other glitches accompany this.
    • Fairy Glitch - Whenever a fairy revives you it will only heal up to the regular maximum of hearts. You will have to heal up again to fill the extra hearts.
    • More Time - With these extra hearts, you will be given more time under water or in a hot place before death.
    • Defense Magic Glitch - When you get the white lining around your hearts from the Fairy near Ganon's Castle, only your regular maximum of hearts will be surrounded by the white. I now know the other hearts will be protected with the same Half damage power as the others. On your status screen before starting the game it will show all your hearts as surrounded by white, however.
  • Way More Than the Maximum Hearts - I cannot take credit for this little bit of Gameshark Tinkering, and I forgot where I found it. Whoever did come up with this one must have been pretty brave with their Gameshark or known their Hex coding. If you edit the regular gameshark "Have Maximum Hearts" code, and change the last four digits from 0140 to 0990 and play the game with the code like that, Link will have many many many hearts. So many hearts in fact, that they go way off the screen, come back to overlap all those hearts, and go back off the screen again. With this combined with the Defensive power you get from the fairy near Ganon's Castle, you will be almost invincible (If you can ever get them all filled, that is.) It may take a few tries to get this code working, depending on the condition of your game and Gameshark. There are a couple other cool notes I would like to add on to this:
    • Keep 'em All - If you do this at any time of the game, save it, and then play without this code on you will still have the hearts. On the select game screen there will be hearts scattered all over the place.
    • Even More Hearts! - Do this in the beginning of the game, save it, then play that game with the code off for the rest of the time, and you can still collect all the hearts and Heart Pieces of the game. Why you would need any more health? I do not know.
    • Long Time Before Link Fries or Drowns - If you finally Heal up all of these Hearts, you can go under water without the Zora Tunic or into Death Mountain Crater without the Goron Tunic, and you will have more than 20 minutes before Link Fries/Drowns.
  • No Hearts - Start up the Gameshark. Then take the same Max Hearts code, and change the last four digits to 0000 and when you play, you will have absolutely no hearts. One hit from anything will kill Link. You can save it and keep it like this without the gameshark in. Why you would want to do that? I don't know, but it is a neat little trick I found while tinkering.


Invisible Link

  • How to do it - So far, I have found only one way to do this trick, and it involves the Gameshark "Press L to levitate" code. You also need at least one warp song. Play that Warp Song, and when the screen whites out or before, begin holding down the L button to float up. Hold it at least until the magic should begin to form Link on the teleportation pad. If Link appears as normal, you did it wrong, and try again by holding it down earlier and releasing it later. Once it is done correctly, Link should never appear on the pad, but you when you let go of L then you will be able to walk around as if Link were there, but you will not be able to see him. This can be done as a child or adult. If you leave the level that you are in, then Link will be back to normal. There are many smaller tricks related to this, including:
    • Bombchu Oddity - Press the C-Button for Bomchus once and it will just sit there, not moving, until it explodes. Press it once, move, then press again, and the Bombchu will appear where invisible Link would be, and drives off in the direction it was originally put down in. (Even if you are facing a different direction.) The game will also automatically put you in the eye view, which is on the platform.
    • C-Button View - No matter where in that area you make invisible Link walk to, when you press the C-Up button to look around, the view will be back at the Landing Pad, as if Link is standing there.
    • Crash the Game - I did this trick and then died at Death Mounatin by burning up. It crashed my game ans I had to reset it.
    • Deku Nuts Will Not Work - You can throw them, and the number of Deku Nuts in your inventory will go down, but they will not make a sound, and there is not any flash.
    • Enemy Attacks are worthless - You should be able to walk through most enemies (But not all of them.) Most attacks will be worthless as well, but some do hit you.
    • Enemies' Attacked Will Not be Harmed - As they mostly cannot hurt you, attacks with your sword are useless. Deku Stick and megaton Hammer attacks are also useless in most cases. There are ways to kill them using some of the other tricks listed here.
    • Jumping Bombs - Use a bomb while in this state, and it will just drop to the ground. Walk in a direction and press the bomb button again (As if you were going to throw it.) The bomb will jump in the same direction that you are walking.
    • Navi is Confused - You will sometimes notice Navi floating at the middle of the teleportation pad as if you were standing there, and sometimes Navi will move to things you look at, no matter how far from the pad you are. Othertimes Navi will just disappear altogether.
    • Slingshot/Bow Oddity - Stay relatively close, but off the pad. Pull out your slingshot/Bow in the eye view and you will be in the eye view holding the weapon, but at the middle of the teleportation pad. Fire the slingshot/Bow and you will see the shot come from the position where original Link is standing. Return to normal view to get back to Invisible Link's sight.
    • Slingshot/Bow Note - Controlling the direction of the shot is kind of hard, and I do not know if it will hurt enemies. If you use magic arrows, the same thing will happen but you will see the magic arrows power up and radiate energy on the ground. When you shoot it, it will fly off and hit like normal.
    • Z-Targetting Will Not Work - If you try, nothing will really happen. You cannot target enemies, most likely because Navi is hanging around the pad.



Kakariko Village

  • Invisible hill - Go to Kakariko Village and face the guard by the gate that leads to death mountain trail. This is a gameshark related glitch. You will need the ever-handy and totally super "Press L to Levitate" code. Float up on top of the wall that the gate comes in to and land on it. then climb or float onto the hill with grass on it. Walk along it back towards the village, not straying too far unless you want to fall off the level. You will gradually start walking uphill despite the fact that there is no hill to go up. You will get quite high before then falling off the level.
  • The Second Bazaar - As a kid, go to Kakariko village with the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code activated. You can do this right after the Invisible hill trick stated above. Go to the house that becomes the bazaar and you will not be allowed in. But if you float up and around to the back of the house you will notice some grass inside the house. Land there and walk to the door as if to leave and it will instead take you inside the bazaar! The man behind the counter will act as if it is the future, but the Goron and the fellow who knows about the Hylian Shield eating monsters will be there too. You can buy stuff here like regular.

King Zora Glitch

  • The King Zora Glitch - Using the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code, you can do this glitch easily. Goto Zora's Domain as a kid before you have defeated Lord Jabbu-Jabbu. Do not show King Zora the letter, and just fly over him to get to Zora's Fountain. Give Lord Jabbu-Jabbu a fish and then beat him as normal. When you eventually do, go back to Zora's Domain. King Zora will still be in the middle area, and Princess Ruto will be inside him. Later on, in the future, he will be frozen in the middle as well. You can never get rid of the letter in the bottle unless you use the gameshark to fill the bottle with something else.