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Zelda 64 Glitches And Other Useful Info

Here it is, the complete collection of glitches for Zelda 64: The Ocrarina of Time. They are listed in an alphabetical manner, so you can scroll down or skip to a specific letter. I also included other neat little things to help out.



A Useful Trick

In case you have not noticed, much of the game Zelda 64 is spent with you going somewhere. All that running can really wear you out and give you a bad case of controller-thumb.

  • All you need to know to make running easy - You may or may not know, but by pressing the L-Button, the R-Button, and the Start Button at the same time at any time in a game on the N64 you can set the center of the control stick. So, you can use this to make Link run without having to push forward on the control stick. Just pull back on the control stick all the way and press L, R, and Start at the same time like I said. When you let it go you will automatically be running forward. All you have to do is steer him to where you want to go and off Link runs. Go get yourself a soda or something while he is going. If you want to set the controller back to normal, just Press L, R, and start with the control stick in the middle. The control should come back to regular. If you are unable to do this, resetting the game with the control stick in the middle will set it back to normal.


Big Foes

Not to be confused with Big Poes; those ghosts that you can kill on Epona at night to get the fourth bottle. Big foes come out after battling many smaller versions of themselves.

  • Big Leever - A Big purple version of those spinning green things in the haunted wasteland and at the desert colossus. Just beat up those small green ones until the big purple one comes out. Defeat it and the spinning green leevers should bug you no more. Well, at least not until you leave. But more will come back once you come back, as well.
  • Big Stalchild - A Bigger version of those zombie things that pop out of Hyrule field at night and attack you as a kid will do battle with you after defeating many of those smaller versions or just running past. He is just as easy to beat and you get a whole five rupees for defeating him.
  • Big Foe Note - There are also rumors that bigger versions of those birds that attack you are also around, but I have my doubts.


  • Battle With Ganondorf - When fighting Ganondorf in the castle, or when fighting Phantom Gannondorf in the Forest Temple, you can use an empty bottle to protect yourself. When he hurls his energy at you, instead of slicing at it with your sword, swing your bottle as if you are trying to catch something and his attack will be reflected back at him. See it for yourself!
  • Twenty-Three Bottle Trick - Start to swing an empty bottle through the air, but press start before Link fully swings. Replace the bottle with a useless item like a Deku Nut. If it works right, the deku nut should be replaced by a bottle.
  • Twenty-Three Bottle Trick Made Easier - If you found using an empty bottle too hard, then this may be for you. Catch a fish in a bottle, then go onto dry land somewhere. Drop the fish on the ground, and then swing the bottle. Halfway through the swing, press start, replace the bottle with an item like a Deku Nut. He will then finish his swing, and it will seem as if nothing happened, as the C-Button where you had the bottle, then replaced with the Deku nuts, will have a bottle with a fish in it again. But if you press start and check your item screen, you will see that the bottle in use is actually in the Deku Nut slot.
  • Unlimited Bugs - Catch or buy a bug and put it into a bottle. Set that bottle and other empty bottles to your C-Buttons. Then empty it out and 3 bugs will come out, from there, catch each of them in your empty bottles, and now you will have 3 bottles each with bugs in them.


Cartridge trick

This is a relatively dangerous trick to do. You use it to get past things you would normally not be able to pass. It leads to a multitude of other glitches and oddities if you do it at the right time.

  • The Cartridge Trick - Here is how to do it. For this example I will use the fellow that blocks you from leaving Kokiri forest until you beat the Deku tree. This can also be done to get past the rocks in Zora's River, The rocks blocking Goron City to the Lost woods, the gate blocking Kakariko village from death mountain trail, and Mido for three different times (On the way to the great Deku tree before you have a sword and shield, coming out of the great Deku tree after you beat it, and finally in The Lost Woods on your way to the forest temple before you play Saria's song to get him out of the way.) But as I said, we are using the kid who blocks you from leaving the forest in the beginning, so walk up to him (Even without a sword but you will eventually need the shield, so but one and do not equip it yet, because it is funnier that way and leads to another glitch. Be sure to but lots and lots of Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts before you go.) What you need to do is lift the left side of the cartridge of the game from the N64 very slowly and very gently. The music will eventually crack out, along with Link if he does not altogether disappear. Run forward and he should pass right by the fellow and leave the forest. Quickly push the cartridge back in. Saria will give you the fairy Ocarina like normal, as if you have beaten the Deku Tree. Be careful, however, this will cause the game to crash if you are careless, but I have not seen it cause any permenant damage to my version.
    • Slingshot Oddity - Go to the castle and do what you wish. If you play the target practice game you will suddenly have the slingshot and on some versions it will allow you to keep it.
    • You have to lie to Zelda - go to the castle and sneak in to Zelda with this as I have been going. Talk to Zelda and in the big long conversation that ensues she will ask if you have the spiratual stone of the forest. You do not, but you have to answer yes to continue on. Will you lie to Zelda, even though she asks you to tell the truth?
    • What to do next - Eventually you will have to return to the forest to continue on with the game. The game will most likely have cracked out enough to where you can go to the sacred forest meadow and get Saria's song, even though you have not beaten the Deku Tree. Go do that.
    • A very odd Kokiri Forest - Return to Kokiri Forest now, and note all of the following things. Saria is still in front of your house and will tell you to play Saria's song whenever you wish to speak to her. You may want to actually figure out some day if this doubled Saria will teach you the song, but this is being done a certain way for now.
    • Kokiri Oddities - Everyone else will talk to you as if you have beaten the Deku Tree, but their physical actions will show otherwise. The kids trying to pick up rocks and cut grass will rotate to look at you while still trying that, but they will talk to you as if you have indeed beat the Deku Tree. The fellow that blocked you from leaving the forest in the beginning will still be blocking you, but he will talk to you as if he were not.
    • More Kokiri Oddities - Mido will no longer be blocking the way to the Deku Tree, even if you still do not have a sword and a shield. He will be in his house. Now it is time to go to the Great Deku Tree. If you were lucky enough to time your arrival at night time, or if you want to go off and do so, then you will run accross another oddity. If you go to the great Deku Tree at night and then do the scene where he talks to you, the regular forest music will start playing afterwards as if it were day. Now to continue on with the glitch saga, you must enter the Deku Tree and retrieve the slingshot if your version of the game did not already give it to you. You will have to equip your shield to do it though, but that is ok. DO NOT beat the Great Deku Tree any further. Just leave.
    • The game lies to YOU - Once you get the slingshot, go to Darunia and cheer him up with Saria's song to get the Goron Bracelet. Then beat Dodongo''s cavern as normal, but with Deku sticks as your weapon. You may wish to look in the Item Upgrade section as to where you can get more Deku stick carrying capacity. Once you have beaten the Dodongo's Cavern the game will pay you back for your lie to Zelda. When you get the Spiratual Stone of fire AKA the Goron's Ruby, the game will tell you that you have two spiratual stones and only have one more to go.
    • The game lies to you again - From there you can easily get to Zora's domain and do all that is needed to get to and Beat Lord Jabbu-Jabbu. The game will then tell you, once you have the Zora's Sapphire, that you have collected all three spiratual stones and should go back to the castle. Navi will still tell you to be brave and go into the Great Deku Tree.
    • Continuing the Saga - Do not even bother going to the castle. The scene will not happen. It will now be time for you to finally face *Dramatic Music Plays in the background*THE GREAT DEKU TREE! Okay, so maybe it is not a big deal, especially since you have way more hearts then you should by now and can collect many more. If you want you can even have magic, and the magic attacks like Din's Fire, along with a whole bunch of items you normally would not have in that level.
    • Post-Deku Tree Oddity - Mido will not stop you to talk on the way from leaving the Great Deku Tree. The forest will now be fixed as if you never glitched it at all. But there is one last trick to do.
    • The Final Trick - Go to the castle, watch the scene and watch him pull out a sword in that scene even though he does not have one. Get the Ocarina of Time and do the whole Time Travel thing. As an Adult, beat the forest temple and return to the Temple of Time. After Sheik gets out of the way, time travel back. Notice that Link will now have a sword. You can go on back to the forest where you get the sword and the chest will be closed. How utterly and completely odd. There are doubtlessly many other glitches accompanied just by this Cartridge trick. Do not be afraid to explore and test any theory, no matter how odd.
  • Note 1 - If you have the gameshark and use the "Press L to levitate" Code, you can do all of these tricks much easier by floating around the guy blocking the way out of the forest, and drop down behind him, or by going to the connection betwen Goron City and the Lost Woods then flying over the boulders to get out.
  • Note 2 - You can do the Swordless Link Trick and all the related tricks even if you have a newer version of the game if you do the Cartridge Trick. Check out my Swordless Link Section for details.


  • Chicken Attack! - Chickens, or Cuccos, can be deadly. If you haven't already figured it out by now, repeatedly attacking a Cucco will make it call for reinforcements that will then proceed to Dive Bomb you until you die or leave the area. This does not hold true inside the house at Lon Lon Ranch as a kid, however.
  • Cheating in the Super Cucco game - Here is how to beat that annoying super Cucco game at Lon Lon ranch very easily. Before you play, throw all the chickens in to the little corner of the room behind talon and next to the stairs. Even if a couple escape, the game will be much easier to play.
  • Chicken Glitch - A gameshark related glitch that uses that "Press L to levitate" code. Pick up a chicken and use the code to leave the level. The chicken will quit flapping its wings and make sounds as if it is on the ground. This will hold true untill you return to the level and touch ground or fall. Sometimes this glitch can be done without the gameshark by just crossing the little river at the north end of Zora's River with a chicken in your hands.
  • Chicken Glitch 2 - Another gameshark related glitch with the "Press L to levitate" code. Leave the Level with a chicken and release it. Whether you fall to return to the level or fly back to it, the chicken will suddenly be back where it started.
  • Chicken Attack Glitch - With a gameshark and the famous "Press L to levitate" code, you can do this glitch. Attack a chicken and get it to call in its friends to attack you. Leave the level again and watch the chickens crack out as they try to follow.
  • Purple Chickens - Play the Bombchu bowling game in the Market until both chickens are visible. Once you win or lose, say that you do not wish to play again. Then walk towards the door but do not go through. Look back down the alley, and the chickens will oddly turn purple.


Death Mountain

  • Gate glitch - Using either the cartridge trick or the gameshark to get to death mountain trail before the gate in Kakariko village is open is how this trick is accomplished. For those of you unable to do this those two ways, you can do it by getting the Goron bracelet, bombing the boulders blocking the Lost woods from Goron City, and then getting the guard to reclose the gate after you opened it to get up there by talking to him with the keaton mask then refusing to sell it. You can then go to the lost woods, through Goron City, and all the way back down the trail to get on the other side of the gate. Quite a bit of effort for such a minor glitch. You will find that you can pass through the gate easily on the way down, but not on the way up. I told you this was a minor glitch.
  • Volcano Glitch - This gameshark related glitch is simple. Go to the entrance of Goron City on Death mountain trail. Notice the roof above you? Fly up there using the "Press L to levitate" code. The volcano will errupt and rocks will come through the roof to hit you. How odd.

Death Trick

  • The Basics - You can do this little trick anywhere, but for this example I use Death Mountain. Go to Death Mountain Crater without the Goron Tunic on. Let the timer run down to the last couple seconds. Then, when the timer hits about one second, pull out a bomb or bombchu and keep it above Link's Head. When he burn up he will die with that object just kind of floating above his head, suspended in mid air. The same goes for ReDeads (Zombies) when you let them latch onto you and drain all of your health.

Death Walking

  • Death Walking 1 - Once again you need the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code to pull this trick off. You need to hurt Link down to near death in preparation, then the real fun can begin. Get him down to about half of a heart remaining in his health. From there, float up into the air and activate a bomb. Keep it in your hands and let it explode to kill you, except keep floating up in the air. From there leave wheerever you are to go to another area. (Example: Leave Goron City to Death Mountain Trail.) When you enter the new area Link will be walking on the air with no health. As long as you keep floating he will walk around and can do rolls and the likes as well. If you touch the ground Link will die.
  • Death Walking 2 - You will need the gameshark "Press L to levitate" code on as with the last trick. Go to death Mountain crater without the goron Tunic on. Wait for the time to run down but lift into the air before it does. Once the timer runs out, if you are in the air, your hearts will all go down and but you will not burn up. The moment you touch the ground you will be burned. Fall into lava to get the Death Walking Trick like last time. (Be Sure to Press and hold L the moment you get restarted, otherwise he will burn up.)

Deku Sticks

  • Fairy Trick - Supposedly touch a Deku stick to a butterfly to turn it into a fairy.
  • Fire Glitch - Stick your Deku Stick in a fire, and keep it there. It will never burn out while in the fire. Warning: If you stop Link from yawning or anything, the game may crash, and in the case this happened to me, it deleted the file we were using. Do this glitch at your own risk.
  • Unbreakable Deku Stick - Get out a Deku Stick and stand at the edge of any cliff with a nearby wall. Leap off the cliff towards the wall and attack in mid air with the Deku Stick to do an overhead slash with it. When you hit the wall, your stick should break. However, when you land, you will still have the other half in your hand. It is strong and unbreakable, and causes more damage then your regular sword.
  • Unbreakable Deku Stick Related Glitch - Do the Unbreakable Deku stick trick as normal except by doing it on your very last stick. He will be holding the Unbreakable Deku stick in his hands, but the game will not allow you to swing with it until you pickup more Deku sticks. Note: You can still use it for overhead slashes by holding Z down with the unbreakable deku stick in your hand, and pressing A.
  • Unbreakable Deku Stick on Fire- Do the Unbreakable Deku Stick Trick. Do the overhead slash at a torch that lights Deku Sticks on fire. Your Unbreakable Deku Stick will catch fire. If you turn Link towards the screen and watch, the Unbreakable Deku Stick will eventually burn out. But if you look closely, it will return to the length of a regular Deku Stick before burning out.
  • Spontaneously Combustable Deku Stick - Sometimes, if you light a Deku stick on fire then immediately put it away while still on or near the torch, you can do a neat little trick. Do as I just said, then walk a little bit away from the torcch quickly (Just enough to know that it is not the torch re-lighting the stick.) Pull the Stick back out and it will sometimes light up again. It may take a few tries to do this trick right. My lil Brother found this one out while messing around in the Spirit Temple.



  • Float after getting off Epona - Ride Epona to where you are right next to a very large cliff or on the edge of a bridge. I like to use the bridge in Gerudo valley, just because it has water underneath. Walk right up to the edge so you are standing right along it with the side of Epona that Link gets off of right up against the edge. Get off and Link will hop down and stand there in the air for about a second or two before falling.
  • Do the swordless Link trick then get on Epona. You can now use C-Button Items while on your horse.
    • Use the Ocarina and play Saria's Song. Link will dismount while playing the song then immediately re-mount the horse. The only problem is that he will be floating about two feet above the horse when he rides. If you leave or enter an area with this glitch on, you will no longer be riding Epona.
    • Use a Pocket Cucco or other item like it that Link Holds up into the air and he will dismount the horse. You can also pull out your ocarina, then put it away to do this. You will then be able to run around as either Link or the horse independently (It depends on which one the camera decides to follow.) You will be controlling them both and you will see the other one that you aren't following running around in the background. As Epona you will not be able to leave the area you are in. If you hit the A button to make Epona go faster, the camera will automatically center on Link mounting an invisible horse, then he will suddenly be riding Epona like normal again.
    • All C-Button items you can use while an adult will be usable. You can even use Farore's Wind out in Hyrule field while on your horse, then you can go anywhere else and return to the warp-point. You may notice that you will not be able to cast Farore's Wind again, but there is a way to get it working again. Get off your horse, then equip something else in the place of Farore's Wind. Get back on the Horse and Equip Farore's Wind and you will be able to create a warp point once again.
    • Use a bomb or bombchu while on Epona and Link will just hold it in the air. You won't be able to throw it. The bomb/Bombchu will explode, but Link will not be harmed.
    • Get on Epona at Lon Lon ranch and agree to do Malon's obstacle course. Once it has started press the ocarina button and play the Song of Storms. The entire ranch will suddenly become fogged over by a purple haze for a short time.
    • Get on Epona and try the horseback archery games at Gerudo Fortress. During the game, press the ocarina button and play the song of storms. A blue haze will cover the area for a short time.


Fishing Pond

  • Catch the elusive.. Fisherman's Hat?! - As an adult, go to the fishing pond and pay to go fishing. Back up accross the room from the fisherman and keep casting at him. Eventually you will catch his hat. He will tell you to give it back, and you can by talking to him. If you cast it into the water, you run the risk of losing it there forever, and he will make you pay fifty rupees for it. From then onhe will no longer wear a hat.
  • Catch the Hylian Loach - First off you need the Sinking Lure. Once you get that, you need to put on the Iron boots and submerge in the pond to find the loach. It is that rarely active eel looking thing that appears once you have the sinking lure. Get back out of the water and cast the sinking lure right in front of him. Be careful, the other fish are attracted to this lure like magnets. Once you have the lure in place wait until he starts moving. The loach does occaisonally start moving around the pond to settle in a new position. It is then that you start moving the lure too. If you are lucky, he will bite the lure instead of swimming off. The fish weighs somewhere in the 30 pound area.
  • Get the Sinking Lure - Talk to the guy at the counter an he tells you that a good fisherman does not choose his lure. He obviously has not used the sinking lure. Link will randomly find it around the pond, sometimes between the rocks at the stream, and other times on the log you can stand on in the pond. It is hard to find, but once you do, it is worth it. Navi will ask if you want to keep it. Only an idiot says no..
  • Leave with the Fishing Pole - There are two ways you can do this.
    • Use the hoverboots - In some versions of the game, it will allow you to cast while wearing the hoverboots and floating over the water. Do this and then leave through the door. You can do it, as the lure should still be cast out and will be dragging behind you. The guy should not stop you when you leave. Outside your pole will be invisible. If you cast it, Link will freeze, not the game. You'll have to restart though. Sometimes the Pole will become a Deku Stick.