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The Great Deku Tree

So you got past the lamest part of the game, and now it is time to take a crack at the first "dungeon" of the game.

  1. You walk right into the main room of the Great Deku Tree, and the camera view shows a tall chamber, with a web right in the middle of the ground. Notice the ladder to your left, along with the deku flowers scattered about the chamber. You may also notice a couple regular plants that you can cut to get hearts or other goodies off to the right.
  2. If you need some Deku nuts or deku sticks, you should fight the deku flowers around the chamber. If you aren't obsessive about killing all enemies in sight, then just skip this step.
  3. Climb up the ladder, or the rough section of wall, to get up to the second level.
  4. Follow the raising incline of the path you are now on up to an area of rough wall. There are some skulltulas on the wall, but you cannot do anything about that now. There should also be a large chest right there.
  5. Go ahead and open the chest for the dungeon map.
  6. Continue along the incline of the path, jumping over any ledges you need to, until you reach a door. Do I even need to tell you to open the door and go inside? If so, open the door and go inside.
  7. There will be a single Deku Scrub in the next room. Defeat it by bouncing its nut attack back at it with your shield. When it gets hit, it will get up and run around. You can chase him around and hit him with your sword, or just stand in the middle of the room and he will eventually surrender. This will unlock the door at the other end of the room. Go on through that door.
  8. In the next room, quickly leap from ledge to ledge until you get to the far end of the room. If you fall, just climb up the wall. There will be a chest on this ledge. Open it to get the slingshot.

And that is the end of The Great Deku Tree. You can go to the Next Page.