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Before the Deku Tree

I figured if I am going to make a walkthrough, I might as well start off from the very beginning.

  1. Turn on game, start a new file, name it, and watch the opening scene.
  2. Walk out of your house, and talk with Saria (The green haired girl that says hi to you when you walk out.)
  3. Explore the Kokiri Forest. I recommend that you :
    • Read as many signs as possible
    • Talk to anyone you can
    • Identify the entrance to the Deku Tree Meadow with Mido blocking the way
    • Identify the way out of the forest with the other guy blocking
    • Notice the entrance to the Lost Woods, accross from the sloping hill area and up the climbable section of wall
  4. Get some Cash. You need in the very least 40 rupees to buy yourself a shield in the local shop, but you will probably want to get more so you can buy some Deku Nuts and Deku Sticks for your arsenal. The quickest way to get cash is to jump accross the three blocks near the shop to get 5 rupees, go to the Twins' House accross from the shop and break the pots, then walk back out, leap accross the water area there and land on the small part of land to get 5 more rupees and repeat the process. Behind one of the houses is another 5 rupees that you can get once, and another 5 rupees are at the end of that suspanded bridge. You can also find a total of ten rupees in the small maze like area where you get your sword.
  5. Go ahead and buy your shield, some Deku Nuts, and some Deku Sticks at the Shop for now. You may want to also get the first Deku Stick Upgrade available in the Lost Woods. You need 40 rupees to do that, but now you will have, and be able to hold 20 Deku Sticks.
  6. Time to get the sword. Up on the sloping hill where the fences are, you can walk back there all the way against the wall and see a little hole. Stand in front of it and press A to enter it, and crawl through to the other side. Go to the right corridor dead end for five rupees, then turn around and face the other direction. You will notice a rolling boulder going around in a big circle. Your best bet is to wait for it to past and follow it. In the far corner of this mini-maze is a chest. Open it to get yourself the Kokiri Sword. Equip it in the start screen, along with your shield, and you are just about ready to go.
  7. You may also have noticed the sign by the chest. It says to see the know it all brothers. Leave the mini-maze the same way you came in, and the house on the same hill you are on to your left is their's. Go inside and talk to the three dudes in there for instructions on how to use the sword. Mostly just press B.
  8. Now it is time to head to the Great Deku Tree. Talk to Mido and he should get out of your way if you have both a sword and a shield equipped. Then you can go into the little corridor area behind it. There will be two enemy Deku Flowers that you can kill to get more Deku Sticks, but you can just walk past them into the meadow.
  9. A scene will happen, you talk to the Great Deku Tree, he asks if you are courageous. If you say yes, he will open his "mouth" and let you inside. If you say no, he will tell you to go back to the forest and prepare yourself, then return and press Z to talk to him when you are ready. Obviously you should say yes. Go inside once his mouth opens.

There, now you have completed the lamest part of the game. Don't you feel good about yourself? You can go on to the Next Page.