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Zelda Ocarina of Time Walkthroughs

So I finally got around to working on some walkthroughs for anyone who happens to be stuck for any part of the game. At this point I would like to point out that using walkthoughs can be pretty boring, and I actually recommend that you try to figure things out on your own. You feel much better about yourself and learn more about the game that way. That being said, I also understand that you can get stuck on a critical part of a level when you are dying to see what happens next. So here they are.

Childhood Adventures

  1. Before the Deku Tree
  2. Inside The Great Deku Tree
  3. Leaving the Forest
  4. Hyrule Field and the Market
  5. The Castle, Princess Zelda, and Lon Lon Ranch
  6. Return to the Forest
  7. Kakariko Village
  8. Death Mountain Trail and Goron City
  9. Dodongo's Cavern
  10. Journey to the Top of Death Mountain
  11. Zora's River
  12. Zora's Domain
  13. Short Trip to Lake Hylia
  14. Back at Zora's Domain
  15. Zora's Fountain
  16. Lord Jabbu Jabbu
  17. Return to the Castle, The Song of Time, and Link's Journey to the future

Adventures Accross Time

  1. Time Shock
  2. Kakariko Village and the Race with Dampe
  3. Return to the Forest (Again)
  4. The Forest Temple
  5. Epona and Lon Lon Ranch
  6. Goron City
  7. Death Mountain Crater
  8. The Fire Temple
  9. Zora's River
  10. Zora's Domain
  11. Zora's Fountain and the Ice Cavern
  12. Lake Hylia
  13. The Water Temple
  14. Return to the Past
  15. Under the Well of Kakariko Village
  16. Back to the Future -- Kakariko Village
  17. The Shadow Temple
  18. Gerudo Valley
  19. Gerudo Fortress
  20. The Haunted Wastelands
  21. The Desert Collossus
  22. Into The Spirit Temple
  23. Right Back Out
  24. To the Past
  25. The Spirit Temple - Part 1
  26. Return to the Future
  27. The Spirit Temple - Part 2
  28. Preparing for the Final Battle
  29. Inside Gannon's Castle and the Mini-Temples
  30. The Final Battle
  31. What now?