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Zelda 64 Item Upgrades

This is where you will find all you need to know to upgrade your C-Button items for Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time.

Deku Nuts

  • First - Deku Nuts can be first obtained in many ways. This includes buying them in a store, or killing an enemy. You start off with the capacity to hold 20.
  • Upgrade to carry a max amount of thirty - In The Lost Woods there is a grotto under a rock right at the edge of the forest before you enter the maze that leads to the Sacred forest meadow. Inside are two Business-Shrub fellows that spit Deku Nuts at you. Defeat them both, but the one on the left will give you the option to upgrade your Deku Nut capacity for 40 Rupees. Say yes, and now you can carry 30 Deku Nuts.
  • Upgrade to carry a max amount of forty - Once again in The Lost Woods, there is another underground grotto. This area is hidden in the grass with the butterflies flying around. Two Business shrubs are attacking you outside, but they do not give you anything useful. Inside, however, there is a sign that says something about showing your face. It means wear masks. Wearing the mask of truth and walking up there will make a bunch of baby Deku shrubs pop out and look oddly at you. A big one to your right will tell you that you have a hideous face, but they will allow you to carry more Deku Nuts anyways. Note: Wearing other masks can have a result of them either giving money to you or attacking you at random.

Deku Sticks

  • First - Deku Sticks can also be obtained in many ways. Sometimes they are in jars, other times they are given to you by defeating those flowers that attack you in the forest. You can also buy them in many stores. You will at first only be able to carry 10 max.
  • Upgrade to carry a max amount of twenty - In The Lost Woods, go left, then left again past the Lone Skullkid into the area under the bridge that connects to forest to Hyrule field. At the far side of that area, there is a Deku Shrub. Defeat him and he will give you the ability to carry more Deku Sticks for forty Rupees.
  • Upgrade to carry a max amount of thirty - Once again in The Lost Woods and Once again in the grotto with the little Deku Shrubs that you show masks to, you can get another upgrade. Go to that area and go inside wearing the skull mask. The Little ones will all pop up and swarm around you, then the Big one to the right will pop up and allow you to carry more Deku Sticks.

Diving and Scales

  • First - Link can First Dive to a maximum of 3 meters underwater. He has this ability innately.
  • Silver Scale - Double the maximum depth to which Link can Dive underwater by getting the Silver Scale. It can be obtained only as a kid. You must play and win the Diving game in Zora's Domain then go back to the top of the waterfall to talk to the Zora up there who runs the game. He will give you the silver scale.
  • Golden Scale - Dive to incredible depths with the Golden scale in your possession. You get this for getting a big fish at the Fishing pond as an Adult, Normally around 17 pounds or higher.

Fairy Bow and Arrows

  • First - You First obtain the bow with a quiver that can hold 30 arrows in the Forest Temple as an Adult
  • Upgrade to carry forty arrows - Play and win the Target shooting game as an adult in Kakariko Village once you have the bow.
  • Upgrade to carry fifty awwors - Score 1500 points in the Gerudo target practice game at Gerudo Fortress.

Fairy Slingshot (Deku Seeds)

  • First - You get the slingshot with the capacity to carry 30 Deku seeds first in The Great Deku Tree.
  • Upgrade to forty Deku Seeds - Go to the Lost Woods and go right once. There will be a little target thing hanging from a tree limb. Shoot it in the middle three times in a row to score three 100-point shots. A Deku shrub will come out, compliment you, and spit out a bag so you can carry more Deku Seeds.
  • Upgrade to fifty Deku Seeds - Play and win the Target shooting game in Hyrule market to upgrade once again.

Heart Upgrade

  • You obtain hearts by beating temples and collecting heart pieces. You first start out with only 3 full hearts.
  • The Heart Upgrade - Near the very end of the game, once you have obtained the GOlden gauntlets in the Shadow Temple BLock in Ganon's Castle, go back outside and down to where the huge block is just sitting there in a dead end. Move it out of the way and go inside to get a defensive power that puts a white lining around your hearts. This power reduces any damage you get by half.

Magic Meter Upgrade

  • First Magic - You obtain this from the Great Fairy atop Death Mountain. Bomb the entrance to get in.
  • Magic Upgrade - As an adult, once you have the Goron Tunic and Silver gauntlets, you can go to a fairy Inside Death Mountain crater that is blocked off by rocks. She will Double the length of your magic meter.

Money and Wallets

  • First - Link can first hold a measley 99 Rupees at one time.
  • Adult's Wallet - This wallet will allow Link to carry 200 Rupees maximum at a time. You get it from the first person in the house of skulltula that you lift the curse from after defeating ten Gold Skulltulas.
  • Giant's Wallet - With this wallet, Link can carry up to 500 Rupees maximum at any one time. You get it from another person that you lift the curse from in the House of Skulltula, after having defeated 30 Gold Skulltulas, that is.

Strength and Gauntlets

  • First - Link first starts out as a pretty weak fellow. He cannot even pick up plants or bombs, but he can push blocks around.
  • Goron Bracelet - Darunia gives this to you as a kid once you play Saria's Song for him to cheer him up. With it, you can pick up plants and bombs now with ease.
  • Silver Gauntlets - You get the Silver Gauntlets in the Spirit Temple as a Kid, once you have learned the Warp Song as an Adult and can go there. The whole child portion of the Temple is geared towards getting them, even though you cannot even use them as a kid. They are in a chest on the Desert Collossus' right hand. Once you are an adult, however, you can use them to lift huge silver colored boulders and push gigantic blocks out of your way.
  • Golden Gauntlets - You get these in the Shadow Temple Block in Ganon's Castle. Now you can lift the Gigant blocks that are normally in the way of passages or useful items towards the last part of the game.