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Thieves Hideout as a Child - Part 2

Ready to strike again.

The guard looks ready to strike once again. Link isn't out of it yet. He has been getting ready for an attack of his own this while time.


The old Din's Fire attack. Not only are enemy attacks useless while he prepares for it, but it causes quite a bit of damage.

The guard retrats.

Hurt by the fire blast, the guard backflips away. The fading icons in this picture are an indication of what is to come. Link is already preparing another fire blast. By the time the guard moves back in range, the fire will blast her again. As a child, it is easiest to just keep repating this process until you beat the guards. This tactic is hefty on magic, but effective.

Link frees the carpenter.

Here is child Link freeing the carpenter, who happens to be in Kakariko Village at the exact same time..