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Thieves Hideout as a Child - Part 1

Link running headlong into the Thieves' Hideout as a child

Link is running right on into the Thieves' Hideout. He seems kind of unprepared, since he is only a child, and he doesn't even have a shield yet.

A Gerudo Guard catches Link by surprise.

Link looks kind of off kilter in this picture. He doesn't even have his sword out. (Even though it is horribly ineffective as a child, a sword is still better than nothing.) At least he is getting a lock on her.

It's the Matrix!

And above you will see a nice Matrix-esque capture of child Link VS the Gerudo guard.

The guard seems to have the upper hand.

As the guard begins to move in to strike at young Link, it looks as if something is amiss...


That looks like it must hurt, but Link doesn't seem to be phased.

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