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11/17/2001 - It has become sadly apparent that I can no longer maintain this website at a rate in which I would like. So I am going to put this projecy on hold. No, it is not because there is nothing left to find. Actually, I have some promising ideas I'd just love to try out. But that is where the problem lies. I no longer have time to spend expirementing on that game right now. I don't have the time to make walkthroughs, glitch pages, or even do those neat images right now. With school the way it is and all of the different projects I have lined up, I'm having to put an increasing number of things on hold. Back When I first started this site, I pledged to be the best, and not waste time with link trading games, flashy but useless effects, and other annoyances that detract from other fansites. I'd like to think that I've accomplished that for this game, but I know I still have a ways to go. That's fine, I don't mind. It's still fun for me to try and find new ways around the programming of an old game, and let the world know about it. I will be back, and when I can come back, this site will be better than ever. Some of the projects I will be able to work on will be walkthroughs, a comprehensive image archive for every glitch listed on the page, possible MPEG video clips of how to do more complex glitches, as well as the results of further expirementation on the game. The bad news is that this probably will not happen until next summer, when I have time to do all this. I'll still try to update this site if I can until then, and I will still gladly accept suggestions, glitches, or questions via E-Mail. I may even be interested in a Co-Webmaster or site partner to do for the other Zelda Games what I have tried to do for Ocarina of Time. You may also have noticed the new look on this index page. I figured I would jazz up this page and see how people liked it (Most of the cool, but not too flashy or time consuming, tricks are better seen in Microsoft Internet Explorer.) Let me know what you think about that as well. Thanks for visiting, check back in awhile, and goodbye for now!

10/24/2001 - Two more glitchin' pages of images have been created. See two full pages of Link running around the Thieves' Hideout as a child -- First Page and the Second Page.

10/23/2001 - Yet another image page has been created. Now you can see some oddities in action at the Spirit Temple. Yet more coming soon.

10/22/2001 - A new image page is in existance. This time see Link venture into Gerudo Fortress as a Child.

10/19/2001 - I added some more images on the Bottle Reflection image page. More coming soon, once I find out where to upload those images to.

10/11/2001 - I indexed the image sites I created. I also added a new file to the Music Page. More on the way.

10/8/2001 - Right on! Zelda 64 Pro is kicking back into gear. Walkthroughs are coming soon, I found some more glitches which will be up soon, and I have some real pictures of me glitching out the game for your viewing pleasure. I will get around to indexing them later, but right now they can be accessed from my Glitch page with a link close to something like "See it for yourself!" at the end of the glitch entry. Check it out!

9/15/2001 - I am working on a whole flurry of things for the site right now. I am uploading some more Music Files, working on a Walkthrough Section and still trying to get my big project underway. I also changed the Zelda 64 Pro Challenge of the Month, so check it out down below.

9/11/2001 - I was planning on uploading some more songs onto this page, but things have gone horribly wrong today. This is no GAME! The horrors at the World Trade Center and in Washington are the things that show the darker side of humanity. My thoughts go out to all of those in NYC, Washington DC, and all around the world. I wish I had something original or more comforting to say, but I am not feeling too fluent with my words. At this time I'd like to direct you to the most enlightened editorial by a fellow webmaster I have seen throughout all this. It is part of the update at the DBZ fan site Temple of Trunks. I'll try to get my self re-organized and keep those updates coming. -Sean

9/6/2001 - I added another file to the Music Page and I updated my news archive. The Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month will be changed soon, but I already decided to post the solution to this month's challenge. Check it out!

9/3/2001 - Well, sorry for not updating this site lately, but between the beginning of school, a modem that is being kind of screwy, and my lack of time to work on my mega-update with my friend or play the game in search of new glitches as a result, I have not been able to do much with the site. All I can promise is that I will give you a very big update when I get all that done, and then I will be able to get back into the rhythm of regular updates. I have also been receiving some E-Mails from people asking how to beat the game. I guess that's a clue to get a real walkthrough up, so you can expect that to be part of the mentioned mega update. In the mean time, I was able to get my Personal Junk Website back to being partially online. Check it out if ya want, I'll have more stuff back up there soon. I did manage to upload another song into the Music Page.

8/17/2001 - New Page! I am proud to present the Gameshark Item/Weapon Code Page. I went on through checking the code, and now using your gameshark, you can equip any item you want to C or B at any time just by altering the codes I give you. There may still be more to test, but I believe I have most or all of the items in the game right now. I am still working on my big project, however, and I have no clue when that will be up. Until then, I have to bother with school now, but I still plan on keeping the site up and active, and I will try to update frquently. -Sean

8/15/2001 - School starts up for me tommorrow, but I am still working away at the site. I discovered a couple new tricks and glitches, including a way to give Link no hearts. Odd little trick listed in the Heart Tricks part of the Glitch Page. Still more to come.

8/13/2001 - As school nears, it becomes more and more likely that I will wind up halting some of my larger plans for the site, or rush them in really really quickly. It all depends on what happens over the next couple days. My big project is taking longer than I thought, due to scheduling problems. I managed to scrape up a couple more Glitches for OoT, however. I still have not had a taker for the Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month yet, so I may just wind up explaining it at the end of the month. Major things ahead, so keep checking in!

8/8/2001 - Still working on my new sections. In the mean time, I upgraded the Majora's Mask Glitch Page. I also backed up my Web Page as well, so if anything should go wrong (I'm looking at you, Geocities) then I will be able to bring it back up quickly. More coming soon!

8/3/2001 - Another small update as I work on other projects for the site. I added a Majora's Mask Glitch Page. Not too many tricks in there right now, as I have only recently got bored enough to haul out and beat the game. Most of the tricks are things that transfer over from the other game, or involve the use of the Gameshark. I also created a News Archive for previous updates to keep a record of this site's development. You may have noticed that I have not changed the Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month. I decided to put it off until the end of this month, as I only added that feature to the site in the end part last month. That is all I have for now.

8/1/2001 (Later) - I added a Music Page now as well. I only have 2 MP3 songs up right now, because they take so very long to upload. More coming soon.

8/1/2001 - This update is pretty small. I created a Cucco Location Page for anybody having trouble catching all the chickens in Kakariko Village as a kid. An incomplete version of the Enemy Page should be accessable, but it is still missing many foes. I also added a new question to the Odd Question Page. So this little update isn't big on content, but there is good reason for that. If you keep checking in, I should have some neat little goodies for all those glitchers out there. That is all I will say for now, so you will have to keep an eye out.

7/27/2001 - I have completed the Item/Weapon Info Page today, hopefully. The Glitch and Trick Page is now over flowing with useful info, and a preview of the Enemies of Link Page should be up pretty soon as well. It is going to take a very long time to complete that page, because I am just going through the game marking off what enemies I find along the way. As for Majora's Mask, I haven't even beaten the game yet (Because I have been glitching and using Gameshark Codes from the beginning.) I also added a new question to the Odd Question Page. Be weary. Finally, if you feel brave enough, you can test your own glitching skills and take the Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month now listed down below.

7/19/2001 - The Item/Weapon Info Page has been updated. The Ocarina Song Page was completed, with an in depth explanation of the Scarecrow's Song included. Pretty much that is what I have for now, but look for even more in the near future.

7/15/2001 - I added the Item/Weapon Info Page and the Rupee Information Page to my site, and I also updated the Glitch Page, the Song Page, and the Item Upgrade Page. So pretty much the Entire Site had been overhauled, and I am continuing to pump more info intp this site in my quest to make it the most useful Zelda 64 site on the Net. I'll leave the web-ring game and the tendacy of most pages to cram in poor quality pics behind to do so. But that is part of being original. Peace. -Sean