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This one isn't a glitch, just proof of the "Big Leever" which will come out of the sand at the Desert Colossus if you hang around long enough.

This one is dark and blurry, but stands as an important warning to messing with your cartridge (IE, the cartridge trick), and sometimes tapping the Gameshark, which can be delicate. If you look closely, you can see link curled up in a ball floating in the air against the right hand side wall, just below the bow and arrow icon, and to the left of the bomb icon. I caught a screenshot of the game crashing. Sometimes it just freezes, other times link completely flips out.

Another side effect of messing around with time. Navi becomes pretty much useless as far as hints are concerned.. She's telling adult link to go talk to the Deku tree, which by now has long since died.

When you mess around with the heart amounts using the Gameshark and save your game, this is what the staus screen will end up looking like.