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Right now I do not have very much in the way of music files, but I promise to have more soon, so keep checking in.


Filename Description
koumekotake.mp3 Koume and Kotake, the Twin Rova's theme from OoT and MM. Mp3 Quality sound. Got it from the net. Size: About 850 KB.
lostwoods.mp3 This MP3 is a high quality repedative clip of the theme played in the Lost woods. Size: About 1.15 MB.
minuetofforest.mp3 This MP3 is a one time playing of the Minuet of the Forest with good high quality sound. I snatched it, like many of my other files, off of Napster. The file size is around 218 kilobytes.
windmill.mp3 This is an MP3 file of the Windmill Hut Theme that I snatched off of Napster. It repeats a couple times, and has a pretty good quality of sound. Size: About 1.5 Megabytes.
zeldastheme.mp3 This MP3 that I got off of Napster is of the theme the game plays for Princess Zelda in OoT and Majora's Mask. It is a high quality sound file that repeats the theme a couple times. Size: About 2.5 Megabytes.