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Zelda Majora's Mask Glitches

I do not have all that many glitches/Hints/Tips right now, but with such a complex game, many more are sure to surface.



A Useful Trick

In case you have not noticed, much of the game Majora's Mask, like Zelda 64, is spent with you going from Point A to point B. All that running can really wear you out and give you a bad case of controller-thumb.

  • All you need to know to make running easy - You may or may not know, but by pressing the L-Button, the R-Button, and the Start Button at the same time at any time in a game on the N64 you can set the center of the control stick. So, you can use this to make Link run without having to push forward on the control stick. Just pull back on the control stick all the way and press L, R, and Start at the same time like I said. When you let it go you will automatically be running forward. All you have to do is steer him to where you want to go and off Link runs. Go get yourself a soda, some popcorn or something like that while he is going. If you want to set the controller back to normal, just Press L, R, and start with the control stick in the center. The control should come back to regular. If you are unable to do this, resetting the game with the control stick in the middle will set it back to normal.






  • Get Epona Before You Get the Powder Keg - Using the Gameshark "Press L to levitate/Moonjump" code, you can get over the huge rock on Milk Road to get in to Romani Ranch on the first day. Accept Romani's challenge to pop the ten baloons around the ranch in a certain amount of time like normal, and you will be taught Epona's Song. You will not be able to leave the ranch with your horse, because of the huge rock, but going out to the field and playing Epona's Song should bring the horse to you.
  • Swordless Link - In Majora's Mask, you are actually designed to lose your sword in certain circumstances, such as giving it up to the smithies for them to upgrade it. But this trick is a little different. Using the Gameshark "Press L to levitate" code, go to ROmani Ranch before you get Epona. Fly over the fenced area where Epona is being kept and get on. I also did not have the bow yet, so that may be a factor in getting this to work. Get on Epona inside the fence. You will not be able to go anywhere, but that isn't the point. Get back off Epona and your sword should be gone. This time Swordless Link is more annoying than useful or funny, because there don't seem to presently be any tricks to do with it at this time.




Heart Containers

  • More than the Max Heart Containers - Start your game with the Max Heart code on, and then save it once you get the Ocarina. Turn the code off, and never play with that code on again, otherwise it will undo your progress in what I am about to tell you. You will notice that all the Heart Pieces and Heart containers available for collection in the game are still there. Collect them up and more hearts will be tacked on to the end of your heart area. On the status screen when you select a game to play, they will be scattered about in odd areas.
  • Even More Heart Containers Than Above - Alter the last four digits of the Max Heart code from 0140 to 0990 or 0FF0. Note: You I really really highly suggest that you use 0990 and not 0FF0. 0FF0 will give you more hearts but it will glitch your game out to where you cannot see anything during scenes, and the game freezes periodically, even when the gameshark is not in. (Other Digits can be tried, possibly allowing even more hearts, but I suggest you stick to 0990 for the modification, because it seems to work without really messing up the game.) You will have many more hearts, that go off the screen, come back and overlap the bottom row of hearts again. On the status screen where you select the game you wish to play, there will be hearts EVERYWHERE! I have to note that this trick was inspired by a similar trick I heard of for Ocarina of Time, so don't think me that smart to have come up with this one on my own.
  • So Many Hearts You Won't Know What to do With Them All - Do the above trick, but in the beginning of the game. Save the game once you get the Ocarina of Time back from the Skullkid, and turn off the code. Never play with that code again, for the same reason stated in the first method of increasing your hearts. You than go around and collect all the Heart Containers and Heart Pieces to give yourself even more health. You will be practically invincible now.







  • Beat Majora With Ease - With a combination of good weponry and Gameshark codes, your final showdown with Majora becomes so easy to conquer you'll wonder why that pitiful mask ever tried to cross you. If you do not already have the Fierce Deity's Mask, then you can use the Gameshark to get it for you so you can use it during the battle. Pump your health up for the battle using the "So Many Hearts You Won't Know What to do With Them All" trick listed on that page. Using the "Press L to levitate/Moonjump" code during the fight, you can strike at the Four Boss Remains from the air. With the Fierce Deity's Mask on, one air strike with your sword will kill the remains. A couple chops at the Back of Majora's Mask will force it to move to its next form. While it is running around, a spin attack will trip him up and then you can move in to take care of him. If you have Magic, then your sword will have even more power. In its final form, known as Majora's Wrath, resort back to flying slash attacks (Float into the air and press the sword button and fly over to him to hit) you can take him down quickly before he can use his whips. When he does use his whips, flying above him and continue using this method to get the "Drop" on him. It will not take all that many hits to finish him, and then that is it.

Mail Boxes

  • Invisible Weapons - Take a weapon, such as the great fairy's sword, walk up to a mail box, and when it asks you to deposit something, try mailing the sword. It will of course deny it, but when you walk away, it'll look like your sword is gone. You can still use it, it's just invisible. This happens with a couple wepons also, but I can't be bothered to remember which.








  • Battle The Skullkid Any Time - This trick involves the Gameshark code known as "Press L to levitate" or "Moonjump." Go to the clock tower and float up to the very top in fron of the door, then drop down into the tower just inside what the door would be. Then the regular sequence of the Skullkid trying to bring the moon down will occur. The only difference will be that if you do it during the day, it will be all light out during the scene and battle.

Swamp Tour

  • Link Stands in Water - To to this, you need the Gameshark "Press L to levitate" code. Pay to take the swamp tour, and at any time during the ride, press the L button for a short time. Link will lift up off the boat but he will stop moving. The boat will continue on without Link, and if you press for long enough, the boat will leave you behind. Let go of the L button and Link will drop into the water and sink to the bottom. He will just stand there and you will not be able to do anything except use the pictograph box to take a picture. Luckily, when the boat does arrive at the station or Deku Palace you can select to "disembark" and control of Link will be rutrned to you as he surfaces in the water. It is not a very good idea to do this trick in the poisoned area of the swamp, for obvious reasons. If you do this trick far enough away from the Octoroks blocking the entrance to the other end of the swamp, the boat will actually not kill them.