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Arrows are the Ammo for the Fairy Bow. When you first get the bow, it comes with 30 arrows. They can then be found all over Hyrule in Pots, plants, and stores.

Biggoron's Sword

The strongest weapon in the game, this huge sword causes massive damage to your enemies and makes any foe seem like a weakling. Not to be confused with the inferior Giant's knife that breaks after a few hits, this sword will never break, and as such, is rather hard to get. This is where you have to do something known as the Adult Trading Sequence. It is recommended that you have at least a majority of the Temples defeated to make things easier. Do not Warp during the timed portions of the sequence, as it will cause the item to disapear. You wield the sword like any other, see the Kokiri Sword entry for details. All items in the trading sequence are shown to people as C-Button Items. Here is the Adult Trading Sequence:

  1. First step, the pocket egg - As an adult, talk to the Cucco lady in Kakariko Village and she will give you the pocket egg. It will hatch into a pocket Cucco the next time the sun rises.
  2. Pocket Cucco - Assuming you have gotten Epona From Lon Lon Ranch, you will need to go talk to Talon, who is sleeping in a house in Kakariko Village. You wake him with the Pocket Cucco and send him on his way, then return to the Cucco lady. She will tell you the Pocket Cucco is now happy, and will give you the next item in your sequence.
  3. Cojiro the Blue Cucco - The Cucco Lady gives him to you, and says he only makes noise when happy. He will make noise whenever you enter the Lost Woods, so it is safe to assume the guy you give it to is there. To be exact, it is that odd fellow who used to sit in front of the Tree at Kakariko Village at night when you were a kid. He is where the Lone Skullkid used to play music. It may be night before you can give him Cojiro, but once you do, he will give you an Odd Mushroom.
  4. The Odd Mushroom and a Time Limit - You will be timed for this, as the mushroom will spoil if you wait to long. You must take it to the other Potion shop in Kakariko Village, the one around the back of the main one. It has an old lady who will mutter some insults and make a potion for you.
  5. The Potion - Take it back to where that guy was in the Lost Woods. He won't be there anymore, and one of the Kokiri girls will actually be there. She will say he probably got Lost in the woods and became a Stalfos, and that you most likely will to. It is painfully obvious she has no idea who you are, but that doesn't really matter anyway. Show her the potion and she will demand you give it to her, since it uses forest materials. Do so.
  6. The Carpenter's Saw - Easy now, you can head on over to Gerudo Valley and give the head Carpenter guy outside the tent the saw that the little girl gives you for the potion. He will give you a broken Goron sword that you cannot attack with.
  7. The Broken Sword and Biggoron's eye problems - Head off to the top of Death mountain where the Biggoron is (Not inside Goron City.) Show him the broken sword and he will say it is his work, but that he cannot fix it because a recent Volcanic eruption irritated his eyes. He will be making odd annoying noises and rubbing his eyes now. So here comes the next part of your quest, he will give you an eyedrop prescription so he can focus on working on the sword.
  8. The Prescription and Biggoron's Childhood friend - Take the Prescription to Zora's Domain and show it to King Zora, he will mention the tidbit of info that he and the Biggoron were Childhood friends. He will say that he sort of has what you need, but not really. He only has the ingrediants. So he will give you an eyeball frog.
  9. Race to the Lakeside Laboratory - Take off down the waterfall (Even if it hurts you.) and go up the ladder to yout right. Leap off the waterfall and go down the river as fast as you can to Hyrule field. Once there, call Epona, hop on, and run as fast as you can to the Lakeside Laboratory in Lake Hylia. Go inside and show the frog to the guy there. He will babble on about wanting to eat it, but will eventually make the eyedrops in a nifty little bottle for you. Be prepared to rush out of there very quickly.
  10. Nifty Eyedrops and a Short Time Limit - Go outside, get on your horse, and run accross Hyrul field as quickly as possible to Kakariko Village. Run through the village and up to Death Mountain trail. From here you have two paths to get back to the Biggoron. You can go to Goron City, in to Darunia's chamber and through the secret passage to death mountain crater, then hookshot accross the bridge, leap accross the ledge that leads to the exit, and pop out right At the Biggoron. Or you could just go up Death Mountain trial as normal, ignoring any damage you take and scaling the wall after killing the Skulltula's as fast as possible. Once you get there, if the timer has not run out, give the Biggoron the eyedrops. You may need to Z-Target him first.
  11. The Claim Check - Once he uses the eyedrops, Biggoron will give you a claim check. Wait about three days or play the Sun Song about 6 times and show him the claim check. If he is not ready yet, wait a little bit longer and then show him again, he will then give you the Biggoron's Sword! Be sure to save your game immediately.


These small crawling bombs are C-Button weapons that look like little mice. They can crawl up walls and pretty much anywhere before they explode after a short period of time. You first get them by winning the Bombchu Bowling Game in Hyrule Market as a kid. A store will also open that sells a limited amount of them, and the man on the magic carpet in the Haunted Wasteland will also sell them for a ridiculously expensive price.


Bombs are round C-Button explosives that are extremely useful. Use them to defeat certain enemies or blow up weakened parts of the ground or walls. You first get them in Dodongo's Cavern as a kid, in a large chest.

Bomb Flower

A Bomb Flower is an item that you pick up off the ground and then dropd or throw it. As soon as you pick it up, the fuse will be activated. Bomb Flowers are just like bombs except you cannot store them anywhere.


The Boomerang is a C-Button Weapon you use as a kid. You can use it to launch long range attacks that kill or stun certain enemies. It can also be used to bring certain items to you. You get it as a kid inside Lord Jabbu-Jabbu's belly.

Boss Key

In all the Temples as an adult, you need to find the boss key to unlock a usually large door that (Duh) leads to the boss. They are normally found in a large, highly decorated chest deep within the temple.


Bottles are very useful containers used to carry a variety of items. You can get a total of four bottles in the following ways:

  1. Catch all the Cuccos in Kakariko Village as a kid, put them into the pen by the Cucco lady, then talk to her. For additional info on how to get the Cuccos, you can check out my Cucco Page.
  2. Win Talon's Super Cucco Game at Lon Lon Ranch as a kid. It will be filled with Milk when you first get it. Check out the Glitch Page to see how to cheat in the Super Cucco Game.
  3. Dive in Lake Hylia near the entrance to Zora's Domain as a kid. You will need the Silver scale to reach it. Inside will be a letter you need to show to King Zora so he can move himself out of the way of the entrance to Zora's fountain.
  4. Collect all ten Big poes as an adult and give them to the man at the old guardhouse just inside the castle area leading to the Market. You find Big Poes as an adult while riding Epona. They are hard to deafeat only because they run away quickly. Once you have defeated one, walk up to it off your horse and you will be asked if you wish to keep it. Say yes, and it will be in one of your empty bottles now. Show the bottle to the guy I mentioned before. Once you have collected ten, you will get the fourth bottle. Defeated Big Poes actually smile for some odd reason, so it should be easy to see if you actually got one or not.

You can fill empty bottles with many different things, and they sometimes come with odd items. Set the bottle to a C-Button if you wish to swing it to catch something when it is empty, or do the same to a full bottle to use the item inside. Here is what you can stick in a bottle:

  • Big Poe - After Defeating a Big Poe, you can catch it in a bottle. You cannot do anything with it beyond giving it to the Big Poe guy near the Market as an adult in the old Guard tower place.
  • Blue Flame - A Blue flame can be bought for a ridiculous price or caught in your bottle in the Ice Caverns or Water Temple Block in Ganon's castle. The blue flames are caught by swinging an empty bottle at one of the open areas with a big blue flame burning. Use it to melt blocks of red ice.
  • Blue Potion - A Blue potion will restore both Hearts and magic power with one drink. As an adult, you can buy it from the old lady in Granny's Potion Shop.
  • Bug - You can catch a bug in underground grottos or sometimes under rocks. You can also buy them in the potion shop. Drop them in soft soil patches as a kid to make a Gold Skulltula pop out. Otherwise they have no use.
  • Fairy - You can catch or buy a fairy in a bottle. When you die, it will bring you back to life automatically, but you can also use it to heal you before then by using it with a C-Button.
  • Fish - You can catch or buy a fish in a bottle. Drop one in front of Lord Jabbu-Jabbu to make him open his mouth.
  • Green Potion - A Green Potion will restore your magic meter to full with one drink. Buy it in the Potion shop.
  • Milk - One Bottle will hold two drinks of Milk, and each will restore 5 of your hearts if you drink it. Get Milk from Talon after you have beat his game (You can keep coming back to buy milk.) or you can play Epona's Song for a Cow and it will give you milk for free if you have an empty bottle.
  • Poe - You can catch the spirit of a defeated Poe in a bottle or buy one in the potion shop. If you use the bottle with a Poe in it, Link will actually drink the poor ghost. Sometimes this harms or helps his health. You can also sell them to the Big Poe Fellow as an adult.
  • Red Potion - One drink of the Red potion will restore all of your normal hearts to maximum. You can buy it in the Potion shop. The shop is in the Market as a kid or in Kakariko Village as an adult.


The C-Button Chicken you use as a kid hatches from the Weird Egg. Use it to wake up Talon on your way to sneaking into the castle. This gets him out of the way so you can push the milk crates to where they need to be.


You can get a compass for any dungeon. They are normally in large, slightly out of the way, chests. It allows you to see Link's position on the map for that dungeon. That is, if you have the map for that dungeon.


They aren't really items, but you can pick them up, throw them, and attack them if you want.

Deku Nuts

These little nuts are C-Button weapons that you can use to stun an enemy for a short period of time. To get them, you can either Defeat a Deku Baba (Flower) or other enemy to sometimes get them, or buy them in stores.

Deku Seeds

Deku Seeds are the ammo for the Fairy Slingshot. You first get 30 of them when you initially get the Slingshot. THey can then be found all over Hyrule in plants, jars, and stores.

Deku Shield

The Deku Shield is made out of wood, and is your primary method as defense as a child. Press R to crouch down and hide behind it, or hold Z and then hold R to be standing with it up. You can run with it this way. It will cause attacks like hurled Deku Nuts to bounce back at an opponent, and is an all around useful item. You first must buy a Deku Shield in the Kokiri Forest as a kid before you can even start any of your missions, but it costs forty Rupees to get. If it comes in contact with fire, you will lose it and have to buy a new one.

Deku Sticks

Long Deku Sticks are C-Button Items that you swing like a sword. They cause more damage than a sword, but break easily. You can get them by defeating A Deku Baba (Flower) while it is stunned or otherwise has its stalk sticking straight up, or by buying them at a store.

Din's Fire

Din's Fire is a firey magic attack that is very effective for lighting multiple torches or catching a group of enemies off guard. You get this C-Button Spell from the Great Fairy near the inner castle as a kid. A stone is blocking the way to the entrance so you must bomb it to get in.

Dungeon Map

A Dungeon map can be found in any dungeon or temple in the game. It allows you to view a map in the bottom righth and corner of the screen by pressing the L Button. It also allows you to view the temple in-depth on one of the start screens.

Fairy Bow

This C-Button weapon is a long range weapon you use as an adult. It can be used while on or off your horse, and is sometimes also needed to activate some switches. You get the bow and arrows in a chest in the Forest Temple after defeating two Stalfos.

Fairy Ocarina

The first musical instrument of the game, you use it to play certain songs that are needed to beat certain parts of the game or help you on your quest. Equip it to a C-Button and play by using A and the other C-Buttons. You get it once you beat the Grat Deku Tree and leave the forest for the first time. In a short scene, Saria will stop and give it to you.

Fairy Slingshot

This is a C-Button weapon you use as a kid as a way for making long range attacks on enemies as well as activate certain switches. You find the Fairy Slingshot in a chest in The Great Deku Tree.

Farore's Wind

Another Magic spell, this one allows you to Warp inside Dungeons that have a map. Using it with a C-Button for the first time, you create a warp-point in the beginning of whatever room you are in. If you use it again, you can choose to dispel that warp-point or return to it. You get this spell from the Great Fairy at the back of Zora's Fountain as a child or adult. You must Bomb the entrance with the rocks along the wall to get in.

Fire Arrows

To get the fire arrows you must first have the ability to use magic along with having the regular arrows. Fire Arrows are useful for setting torches on fire along with the novelty of burning up your enemies. You can get the fire arrows at Lake Hylia once you have defeated the Water Temple. You will be on the island in the middle of the lake after Sheik talks to you, and it will conveniently be morning. Walk over to the area where you can stand and read. It will hint towards shooting the sun with your arrows. While it is still morning, and the sun is low, do so. The fire arrows will fall onto the small island that you are facing. Just go get them from there.

Fishing Rod

You use it in the fishing pond, duh. Cast with B, then use the control stick and B to wiggle the lure around. Holding down A will reel it in, and also holding down R while reeling will make it pull back in faster.

Gerudo Membership Card

This "item" is given to you by the Second in Command Geruso once you free all the carpenters. It allows you to come and go freely in the Gerudo fortress without being thrown in jail.

Giant's Knife

If there was ever an adult version of the breakable deku stick, this is it. It is a very expensive version, at that. Each time you break it the Big Goron inside of Goron City can repair it for you for a mere two hundred Rupees. It is best to get the Biggoron's Sword by doing the adult trading sequence. You get this sword from the Big-Goron sticking his head into Goron City as an adult. Wield it like any other sword. When it breaks, you can still use the hilt and attack enemies with it, but it will not be all that effective.

Goron Tunic

This Tunic allows you to resist fire and heat, so you won't get all burned up. You get it originally from the little Goron as an adult who was named after you. Stop his rolling by detonating a bomb near him and then talking to him. He will tell you the plight of the Gorons and give you the Tunic. If you lose it, you can buy another in the store. Isn't it just great that the Gorons make and sell human clothing?

Heart Containers

You get these after defeating a boss. They increase your life hearts by one each. There are about 8 of them in the game, as there are eight Dungeon Bosses, not counting Ganondork.. err Ganondorf.

Heart Pieces

Heart pieces are gained by completing certain tasks or reaching certain areas. Four of them increase your life energy by one heart. There are 36 total, and one more you can get that is listed in my Glitch Page. Details of the rest of them can be found in my Heart Piece Page.


This is a C-Button item that launches a chain with a hook from the mount and can be used to latch onto certain surfaces and pull you to them. It can also pull certain objects to you like Skulltula tokens. The Hookshot can be used like a weapon, and will stun some enemies while killing others. You get the hookshot as an adult after racing Dampe the Gravedigger's ghost. His grave is the first one on the far left of the graveyard from the entrance. It has flowers in front of it. Pull it back to reveal a hole that leads you to his course.

Hover Boots

Float on air or over water for an instant while wearing these boots with little wings on them. You get them in the Shadow Temple. I can make a million cracks about how they make you light-footed, or I can go off and compare the boots to old Nike commercials and slogans, but I don't feel like it right now.

Hylian Shield

The Hylian shield is the one shield that you can use as a kid and an adult. As a kid, pressing R will cause him to duck down underneath it, as he is too small to hold it up. As an adult, Link will be able to crouch down behind it or run with it up by holding Z, running forward, and holding R. You can get the Hylian shield from the Bazaar in the market, or there is one in a chest under one of the graves in Kakariko village.

Ice Arrows

The Ice arrows are another C-Button add-on to your arrows. You can get them by successfully beating Gerudo Training ground as an adult after you have beat Gerudo fortress. You pay the guard by the fence at the base of the building to open the gate and go inside. There is no real need or use for the ice arrows, beyond just watching your enemies freeze when you hit them with it. A hint for defeating the fortress is to not waste keys taking the right hand path in the maze, only go the left path.

Iron Boots

The iron boots are the hottest craze all throughout Hyrule.. Well, not really. You equip this set of foot wear and you will bearely be able to move at a turtle's pace above water. They are very useful when you need to sink down to the bottom of a lake or pond, or when you need to keep your feet firmly planted in one place. The Iron boots are in a chest that appears in the final room of the Ice Cavern, after you defeat a snow wolf.


Keys are mostly used in temples, but they can also be used in the treasure chest game and to unlock the doors to the prisoners' cells in Gerudo Valley. They also permenantly unlock any other doors with chain locks on them. At Gerudo Valley, you get them by defeating the Gerudos that have two swords. The guards drop down once you talk to the carpenters, then defeat them and they will drop a key. In temples, they are found mostly in chests that you have to do some sort of task to reach or make appear.

Kokiri Boots

Link's regular old shoes. Kind of amazing how they still fit him after seven years in the Chamber of Sages.

Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is your main weapon as a kid. Use it with B for a horizontal cut. Run forward while holding Z and then press B to lunge. Swing and Hold down B for a Spin attack. You can power up your spin attack once you get magic. Running forward while pressing Z and then pressing A while your sword is out will make him doe an overhead lunging attack. This attack can also be done by pressing B when you leap off a ledge. Holding R while behind your Kokiri Sword and pressing B will cause him to do some sort of odd stabbing attack from begind his shield. You get the Kokiri Sword as a kid in the Kakiri forest at the top of the hill with fences. Climb through the hole and walk along thw wannabe maze to get to the chest. The sword is inside. You are told you can borrow it for a little while, even though you keep it through the entire game and actually upgrade it into a completely different weapon in Majora's mask.

Kokiri Tunic

Link's regular green clothes with matching green hat. Once again it is amazing how that thing still fits him after 7 years of growth.

Lense of Truth

The Lense of Truth is an item that allows you to see past deception. Set it to a C-Button and activate it. You will then be able to see false panels, holes in floors, along with invisible enemies and platforms. It consumes magic at a pretty slow rate, but while it is on, you cannot use any other magical items, and your powered spin attack will just become a regular spin attack. You get the Lense of Truth in a very confusing level under the well as a kid once you have used the Song of Storms inside the Windmill to drain it.

Light Arrows

The ability to shoot Light Arrows is the final C-Button add-on option you can get for the arrows. You get them from Zelda once you have defeated all the temples as an adult and return to the Temple of Time. During the scene she will give them to you before being captured. You need them to defeat all the small temple blocks inside Ganon's Castle, as well as to defeat Ganondorf himself.


The Longshot is an upgrade for the hookshot above. The chain is much longer so you can use it at greater distances. Otherwise there is little difference between the two. You recieve the Longshot inside the Water Temple as an Adult.

Magic Beans

Magic beans are C-Button items that you plant in the soft patches of soil scattered throughout Hyrule as a kid. Go back to where you planted them as an adult and small floating platforms will be in their place. These plaforms help you reach certain areas you would normally not be able to go. You Get Magic beans from the bean eating fellow in Zora's River. His prices start off cheap but soon become ridiculously expensive until you have bought all that you need.


Masks are C-Button items you can wear over your face to invoke odd responses when talking to people. You progessively get newer and newer masks as you go through the child trading sequence. I will tell you it here once instead of devoting a different page to it.

  1. Keaton Mask - You can borrow the Keaton Mask right off the bat once the Happy Mask Shop opens in the market. this will be right after you show the guard in Kakariko Village the letter you get from Princess Zelda. It is pretty obvious who wants the mask, but I will tell you anyway. That same guard by the entrance to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village. Wear the Mask and talk to him and he will offer to buy it from you. Say yes and move on. If you say no, he will re-close the gate until you do talk to him again and say yes.
  2. Skull Mask - You get this mask next from the Shop after you have repaid the Shop Owner. Failing to do so makes him get all mad and threaten you until you come back with his money. The Skull mask is traded to the lone Skull Kid in the lost woods. You have to have played Saria's Song to him first on the little platform before you can trade the mask, I believe. It doesn't matter if you have to now, he will give you a heart piece for it.
  3. Spooky Mask - Next up is the Spooky Mask. To sell this one, you have to go to the graveyard in Kakariko Village during the day. Wear it and talk to the little kid there. He will buy it from you full price.
  4. Bunny Hood - The final mask to trade in this sequence is the Bunny Hood. You cannot do it right away, as you have to have at least a couple of the spiritual stones, if not all, before the guy you trade it to appears. He is the Running man in Hyrule Field who you may notice trudging along at a slow pace around the outside of Lon Lon Ranch. He is pretty slow now, but you have to wait until night when he sits down and takes a break to talk to him. Be sure to be wearing the Bunny Hood when you talk to him. Also be sure to have an empty wallet, because he pays you an extraordinary amount of Rupees for it. Once you trade it to him he will become a very very fast runner, and will actually hurt you if you stand in his path. Go back and repay the Mask Shop owner. You will be able to borrow some other freebie masks that really have no point. They are the following:
    • Gerudo Mask - Look like a girl?! Well, if you want to.. Talking to random people will get you some odd reactions, and talking to the Gerudo outside the gate leading to Gerudo fortress will get you insulted.
    • Goron Mask - Have the big head of a Goron. Wear this mask around and get some mized replies, talk to a Goron to get an odd reaction as well. Talking to Darunia with this mask on just makes him mad.
    • Mask of Truth - The only one of the Masks with a real use, you can talk to Gossip Stones with it on. You can also talk to random people to get more mixed replies.
    • Zora Mask - Wear this Mask around to get some different replies from people when you talk to them. Talk to a Zora to get insulted. Talk to Princess Ruto and she says something really really odd.

Master Sword

This is your main weapon as an adult that follows all the same controls as the Kokiri Sword. You need it to Defeat Ganon in the end of the game, even through there is a stronger sword available. Picking it up and replacing it in the platform in the Temple of Time allows you to move back and forth through time.

Megaton Hammer

This massively heavy C-Button weapon is known as "The Legendary Hammer" by the Gorons. You use it to smash enemies to pieces and to activate rusted switches. You get it inside a chest in the Fire Temple.

Mirror Shield

The Mirror shield is a highly polished shield for use by adult Link. You can use it to reflect light or re-angle light to a new direction. You need it to get through the Spirit Temple as well as to defeat the twin-witch boss of that level. So it is pretty obvious that you get the shield at the Spirit Temple as an adult. It is in a Chest that srops down to the left hand of the desert Collosuss (From its point of view.)

Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love is a C-Button Magic Spell that makes you look kinda like you are inside a giant blue Rupee. No matter, for as long as this spell is active you will not be harmed by any attacks, even if they do still knock you over. You get Nayru's Love from the Great Fairy at the Desert Colossus. The entrance is another section of wall that you must bomb to get inside. It is along the right side of the rock wall from the entrance to this area from the Haunted Wasteland.

Ocarina of Time

This musical instrument replaces your Fairy Ocarina. You play it just like the last one, except it is blue and sounds a little bit different. You get this as a kid once you have all three spiritual stones and go to the castle. After a short scene in which Zelda throws the Ocarina into the river, you can dive in and get it. Another scene will happen that teaches you the song of time.

Pots and plants

You can pick them up and throw them, or slice them to pieces. There are normally useful items inside, and that is why I included them.

Stone of Agony

This "item" that looks suspiciously like an N64 rumble pack, is given to you by a kid in the House of Skulltula after killing 20 Gold Skulltulas. All it does is make your rumble pack vibrate if you are near a clue sometimes.

Weird Egg

The Weird Egg is given to you by Malon if you talk to her a couple times before sneaking into the castle as a kid. It hatches into a chicken after the next time the Sun rises.

Zelda's Letter

This C-Button item is given to you by Zelda when you first talk to her after sneaking in to the castle. Give it to the guard at Kakariko Village who controls the gate to Death Mountain trial by showing it to him with C.

Zora Tunic

The Zora Tunic allows you to breath underwater while wearing it. As an adult, if you unfreeze King Zora with a blue flame, he will give you one. If you also unfreeze the shop as an adult, you may buy one there as well.