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Welcome! This Site is all about the glitches. Back in the day, when I was constantly updating this site as I messed with my 64, I had one of the most comprehensive list of glitches in the game, and by far the largest portion dedicated to the fun one can have with a Gameshark. Even though I haven't really touched it in awhile, I still count Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time as one of my favorite games.

At any rate, I have a whole bunch of glitches listed on the apropriate page that will breath new life into your tired olf cartridge, especially if you have a Gameshark. Some other info is available, so feel free to look around, and learn odd things about one of the best games for the old N64. I'm not planning on updating the site with any frequency anymore, so don't expect any new info. If you have a burning question, just E-mail me.

Cucco Location Page - Enemy Page (Incomplete) - Gameshark Item/Weapon Codes - How to Get the Heart pieces - Hints, tips, tricks, glitches, and cheats - Item/Weapon Info - Item Upgrades - Music Files - News Archive - Ocarina Songs - Odd Questions about the Game - Rupee Information Page - Walkthroughs - Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month Solutions -

Notice: The Glitch Images Fixed.

News Archive - 09/07/09

Oops. Geocities shut down. Lost the glitch images AND music files thanks to them. Moved the site here for anyone still interested. If I find the pics or songs on my old hard drive, I'll re-add them. I've been playing a lot of Twilight Princess. I highly recommend it. Easily as fun as OoT, but not nearly as glitchy.

News Archive - 08/22/06

I am continually surprised and honored by how popular this site is, and I think it's awesome that so many people are still interested in one of my top favorite video games of all Time. Zelda 64, the Ocarina of time is timeless.

News Archive - 07/28/03

No, seriously.. The glitch images are fixed now. I promise. They work. Don't believe me? Try it anyways. I've been noticing a steady increase in traffic to this old place. I don't get it. Maybe someone could explain it to me. (For those of you comming here in search of walkthroughs, forget it, I got bored with that and never finished past 2 pages.) Either way, hope you enjoy the site for whatever reason you're here. Just check out the above link to the Site of Seans. I'm the lamer on the left side.

News Archive- 07/02/03

That's right. I finally got off my lazy butt and fixed the Glitch Images. In fact, all the ones that were broken before should load much faster, since I recompressed them. Also, I created a Full List of all the images I ever took from the game, including some you've never seen before. (Like ones of Link cheating about in the forest temple and/or bloopers where I hit the screenshot button at the wrong time.)

E-Mail Response:
From: Neil Vermeulen
Have you ever tried to go to zoras fountain as a kid and levitated over to the ice cavern. I do not have a game shark so I can not test it. I dont know what will hapen. it could be the ice cavern but it should be the water cavern or it might be imposiable.


Actually I did do it once. It was the ice cavern, same as always. One amusing part is talking with Shiek as a kid, and learning the song, while also holding up the iron boots.

Technically, you can get any kid level as an adult and any adult level as a kid, with these two exceptions:
1) Lord Jabbu Jabbu cannot be accessed as an adult
2) The Water Temple is nearly impossible to get to as a kid. (It can be done, but it involves lifting off the Hyrule lake level, allowing yourself to fall below it, then float up to the access point. Rather tough to do.
3)Getting into the well as an adult. You can get into the level using a similar trick I described for getting into the water temple, but you only get into the first hallway. After that, you have to crawl through a space Adult Link is too large for.

Otherwise you can get into just about anywhere, as I recall. But look, I know some of you don't have gamesharks. That's ok. If you're willing to risk doing the Cartridge Trick, as outlined in the glitch page, then you can do a good deal of these tricks that involve getting past some barrier like rocks, gates, etc. The point is, even though I gave up on this website a long while ago, it wasn't because there were things you still couldn't do. I bet I could pick up that game today and still figure out some way to wring new entertainment out of it. I quit because I got too busy to do that... (Of all the places I went that you aren't supposed to, the Shadow Temple as a child has to be the most fun and the most challenging. Fighting the boss with a slingshot is rather hard.)

I'm thinking I may open up a message board for you to share your unique glitches with the world. We'll see.

News Archive - 12/02/02

What's this? An update? A New layout? Is this site rising out of the realm of the dead like so many zombies in the night? Have I suddenly dug out my old Nintendo 64 and begun obsessively playing the game? Or did I go out and buy a Gamecube, in anticipation of the new CG kiddy-style Cel Shaded title? Nope. Not in the slightest. I merely ran accross this site and got sick of looking at the lame early style HTML coding I teethed on, so I decided to throw a more practical layout up. No more advanced, and probably not that much prettier.. but still.. I have taken some new screencaps of various glitches. If I could just get the right cable for my computer, I might even give you some video files.. Or whatever. The game's old, and it's a classic. Not much more to say. I never completed a lot of what I wanted to do with this site, and don't plan on trying.

Update - 01/03/03

Go to the Glitch Image Archive for a special treat. I've added a whole bunch of new Glitch Images I found sitting on my hard drive, and decided were worth posting. I've also fixed the color scheme on a couple pages and even added a new Glitch to the Majora's Mask page.

Update - 05/25/03

For these past couple of months I had been under the impression that nobody visited this site anymore. Heh. I was checking my hits the other day, and realized people still come here. Wow.. Why? I dunno. THis may spur me into updating. And if so many of you come here, how come nobody's followed up on my requests yet? (*See Below)

The Legacy of Z64 Pro

By no means do I mean to imply that because I quit updating this site, there aren't many many avenues of interesting tweaking to explore. In fact, I kind of cut things off right when I was running into new and odd things every day. It still amazes me that the game could get so far off the pre-programmed course, and still function without crashing. (Can a Playstation Game do that? No.) So, below I've decided to list a couple areas of exploration the aspiring glitch artist (read as: really bored gamer) would be willing to look into. If you find anything of particular interest, you may even want to let me hear about it.

  1. Die 1,000 times. Look, I know it sounds weird, but I always wondered what would happen when the death counter attached to each file hit a four digit number.
  2. Use the Gameshark Item/Weapon codes to alter your inventory in such radical ways that new attacks could be used. Also, by making use of these codes, I was noticing you could get around just about any weapons restrictions for age. Were you a crack shot with the boomerang and wished you could use it as an adult? You can, and it looks funky too. It's even possible to use the biggoron's sword as a child, and really smash through your opponents (although this takes some tinkering, as the code many times provides you with the broken sword.. Try it once you've actually got the sword as an adult, and it should work, if I recall.
  3. Get to all the different dungeons at the inappropriate age. I hit most of them, but couldn't really get Lord Jabbu Jabbu as an adult, the Water Temple as a kid (Although I know how, it's just irritating), and the final battle as a kid.
  4. Explore the BetaQuest. If you haven't heard of it, the Betaquest was an early test verion of the game, for which the code is still locked into the game cartridge. Various other websites provide Gameshark codes to access various versions of the Beta Quest. It's understandably unstable, and some crazy stuff can happen when you access them. (Incidently, the GS can also be used to access the original Japanese language for the game, which is good for novelty purposes, plus it scrolls faster.) Exploration of the Betaquests or translation of the Japanese text could bring about some intriguing insights about the original intent and story of the hastily completed game.

Zelda Pro Challenge of the Month

The Challenge - Beat the game without ever collecting a heart piece or heart container.

The Details - Talk about a hard one. You don't need a gameshark to pull it off, but you do have to be pretty good at the game. You have to actually pay attention to how much Link can get hurt. It is an all around pain, but you'll be a better player for it.

The Solution to Last Month's Challenge.