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Gerudo Fortress as a Child


Well, I used the levitation code to fly over the fence, but the guards caught me..

Giving up already?

Link surrenders too easily to those Gerudos when caught.

Tossed in jail

Child Link gets thrown in jail. This would present some problems, if the levitation code was not activated so you could fly out. If you do this as a kid when you have the longshot/Hookshot and get caught, they throw you in jail, otherwise, they toss you off the river.

Look what we have here..

Here it is, the fabled 37th heart piece. It is just sitting up above the jail cell as a child.

Another view of this heart piece

Link looks kinda stunned, as this is another view of the 37th heart piece.

An odd Mushroom, as a kid?

Atop Gerudo fortress, where the chest with a heart piece is, you will find a surprise as a kid. Open it up and instead be rewarded with an odd mushroom, an item used in the adult trading sequence. I suggest you not, because then the chest will already be open as an adult, and you will not be able to get the heart piece inside.

After getting the mushroom

A really nice shot of Link after getting the mushroom atop Gerudo Fortress as a kid. The lighting effect is pretty neat in this shot.