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Fire Temple as a Child

Look, Link is in the Fire Temple as a child.

Link is walking into the Fire Temple as a child. Pretty odd, huh? He also has the Megaton Hammer, and about a million hearts.

Link about to free a Goron in the Fire Temple, as a child.

Link letting a Goron free in the Fire Temple. When you talk to them, they still talk to you as if you were an adult.

Link takes a swing at some blocks with the Megaton Hammer, which is invisible as a child.

Here you can see Link taking a swing at some moveable blocks in front of a doorway with the Megaton Hammer. As a child, the hammer is invisible.

Link knocks the blocks out of the way of the door, even though you cannot see the hammer.

Link is able to move the blocks with the hammer, just like as an adult. The Megaton Hammer causes damage and hits things like it does while your an adult, it is just invisible.