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Link's Foes




Armos are stone statues that do absolutely nothing unless you touch them or attack them. They will spin towards you and eventually return to their original position. As an adult, your sword or the megaton hammer will penetrate its defenses, but the little Kokiri sword you use as a kid just isn't cut out for the job. In that case, use bombs or bombflowers to take it out. Once you have killed it, the thing will actually go on a mad spinning fit while turning red then explode in a last ditch effort to kill you, so be weary.


Baby Dodongo

A Baby Dodongo is a small crawling lizard found in Dodong's Cavern that will leap at you. If you defeat it, then it will explode. They are incredibly easy to beat, as even a boomerang hit will kill it.


Beamos are enemies that just sit in one area and look around. If you get close, it will shoot a laser beam at you. To stun it, use Din's Fire or Z-Target it and shoot it with your hookshot/Longshot. To Destroy it, just drop a bomb nearby and let it explode. It does not have to be stunned for you to drop a bomb and destroy it.

Big Deku Baba

A Big Deku Baba is just that, a bigger version of the regular Deku Baba. Hack, slash, or shoot it of you want. Depending on how you defeat it, you will either get a Deku Stick or Deku Nuts.

Big Skulltula

A Big skulltula hangs from the ceiling and normally is just there to get in your way. It will spin around after a short period of time and expose its belly. Attack then with your sword or any other weapon to kill it.

Blue Bubble

Blue bubbles are little flying skulls that have wings and a blue flame around them. To kill it, the flame must be down, so allow it to bump into your raised shield. It will start bouncing around and you can hack, slash, shoot, or otherwise blow it away until it dies.

Blue Tektite

Blue Tektites are usually found in Lake Hylia as a kid or adult, the Water Temple, or in Zora's River as an adult. They leap around on the water, and are usually quite hard to kill while you are both in the water. Luring it onto land and then attacking it with your sword or shooting it with your Bow or slingshot from land is how you take care of these enemies.

Business Scrub

This variation of the Deku Scrub is named what it is because it will normally offer to sell you something after you beat it up. They hide in little plants, pop up, and spit Deku Nuts at you. You can deflect the flying Nut Back at it with your shield to hit it. Sometimes this will cause it to surrender or get up and run around. Normally Business scrubs surrender after only one hit. You can also flush them out by slamming the magaton hammer into the ground nearby, even if they are underground.



Deku Baba

Deku Babas, otherwise known as Deku Flowers, are plants that spring up out of the ground and attempt to attack you. Some will just spin around, while others will lunge at you. You Sword is more than adequete to handle these early baddies. Just about any other weapon is effective on them as well.

Deku Scrub

Deku Scrubs are usually found in the Great Deku Tree. They pop out of grass and spit Deku Nuts at you. Bounce the nuts back at it and it will either get up and run around, where you can hit it again, or it will immediately surrender. Either way, it will just speak to you an tell you something "useful."


Dodongos are found in Dodngo's Cavern.. duh. They are large fat lizards that crawl along and spit fire at you. Attack its back with any weapon you wish to kill it. One you defeat it, it will explode.



Fire Keese

A Fire Keese is one of those flaming bats that will dive bomb at you. If it hits, you will catch on fire and if your Deku shield is equipped, it will burn up. The Fire Keese will return to being a regular keese until it comes in contact with flames again. Thus, flame attacks are pretty useless. Defend yourself with any shield except the Deku Shield when it dives at you, then you can swat it out of the air or shoot it. Either way, locking on with Z-Targeting is useful. Fire Keeses are vulnerable to Ice attacks while on fire, however.

Flare Dancer

A Flare Dancer is made almost completely out of fire. It dances around a little then charges in circles. You can extinguish its fire by hitting the center with your hookshot while it is dancing. If you miss that opportunity, drop a bomb while it is floating around in circles to extinguish the flame. Then hit the remaining part with your sword. It will start running around before leaping back into the flame. You have to hurt it one more time by powering up your sword while the little black part is running away from you after you have hit it the first time, then release the energy to hit it again. It will leap back into the flames, but when it comes back out, the flames will be a different color. Repeat the process until it is destroyed. The colors go flaming red, blue, and finally green.


Gohma Larva

A Gohma Larva hatches out of a little egg and are found exclusively in the Deku Tree. These minature versions of that level's boss leap towards you to cause damage. Just hacking at it with your sword when it comes towards you a couple times is all you need to defeat it. But it is easier to save yourself the trouble and kill it while it is still in its egg form.

Gold Skulltula

A Gold skulltula really has no purpose in the game except to die. They never move from their positions, and just sit there on the wall or on the ground rotating in circles while making a very distinct noise. There are exactly 100 different Gold Skulltulas in the game. If you kill them and collect the little token that pops out, either by walking up to it or bringing it to you with your hookshot or boomerang, you will weaken the spider's curse on the family in the house of Skulltula at Kakariko Village. Here are the prizes you obtain for talking to the people as they become uncursed and the amount of tokens required to heal them.

  • 10 Gold Skulltula Tokens - Adult Wallet that carries 200 Rupees.
  • 20 Gold Skulltula Tokens - Stone Of Agony (Use of Rumble Pack for finding hints.)
  • 30 Gold Skulltula Tokens - Giant's Wallet that carries 500 Rupees.
  • 40 Gold Skulltula Tokens - 10 Bombchus.
  • 50 Gold Skulltula Tokens - A Piece of a Heart.
  • 100 Gold Skulltula Tokens - 200 Rupees every tiem you talk to the head of the family.

Green Bubble

Green Bubbles are just like Blue Bubbles. They are little flying skulls with a flame around them, except this time it is a neon green color. Allow it to bounce off your shield to put the flame out, then hack or shoot it to pieces. I believe the only difference is that Green bubbles will continue to float around without their flames while blue bubbles will start bouncing on the ground.


Guays look just like crows, and dive bomb at you. You can swat at them with your sword or shoot them with your slingshot or bow at a greater distance. Either way, Z-Targeting is really helpful against these types of foes.






A Keese is one of those annoying bats that dive bomb towards you. You can try and swat at it with your sword while it's near, or you can shoot it long range with arrows or a slingshot. Either way, it is good advice to lock on to it with Z-Targeting. Just don't use any fire or ice attacks on it, because it will just make it covered in ice or fire, adding to your problems.



Leevers are those annoying green spinning things in the haunted wasteland and at the desert collossus. The ram into you then go back below the sand. It isn't really worth it to fight them unless you have the Biggoron's Sword, because about the only attacks you have time for are sword attacks. If you don't have the Biggoron's sword, the Megaton hammer is the next best thing. As a kid, you may as well forget it, because they retreat under the sand before you can deliver a killing blow.


These enemies are large humanoid lizards that attack you with a sword while making very annoying noises. They cannot defend against your attacks in any way except by jumping over you. Keep locked on with Z-Targeting and repeatedly attack with your own sword until it is killed. If you wish to do things a little bit safer, you can very easily stun them with a Deku Nut.


Mad Scrub

Mad Scrubs are a red colored variation of the common Deku Scrub. They still hide in little plants and spit Deku nuts at you, but they do so at a slightly quicker rate than other scrubs. Deflect its Deku Nut back at it with your shield to send it scampering away, where a single hit from any weapon will then kill it. If you allow it to run back into its hole, it will resume its Deku Nut spitting and you will have to flush it back out again. Slamming the Megaton hammer into the ground will flush it out, even if it is hiding underground.




An Octorok is a foe that pops out of the water and spits a rock at you. Bounce the rock back at it with your shield to kill it. You can also kill it by shooting at it with arrows or your slingshot.



A Poe, or ghost, is supposedly a being of concentrated anger that hates the world. Thus, when you are near one, it will attack you by charging forward and finding a whole bunch of clever ways to smack you with its lantern. If you lock onto it with Z-Targeting, all of it except its lantern will disappear from view for a short time, and you will not be able to harm it until it reappears. Stay back at long range and shoot wit with your bow or slingshot, or get up close and personal and carve it up with your sword. Your choice, as just about any weapon works on them. Once you defeat a poe, you can walk up to the remaining spirit and catch it in a bottle if you wish. They can be found in the graveyard after you pull back a grave, or out and about in different parts of the game.

Poe of the Graveyard

There are two special Poes in the graveyard, the ghosts of the Composer Brothers of Hyrule's Royal Family. All the rules that apply to Poes, apply to them, except you bring them out by reading their graves at the top of the graveyard. Defeat them and they will tell you about the Sun Song, each giving a different bit of information to you. They cannot be caught in a bottle.

"Pot Throwers"

The term "Pot Thrower" is just something I made up for the unseen force that causes some pots (Mainly in the Spirit Temple) to lift up off the ground and hurl themselves at you. Getting hit barely causes any damage, but if you feel nimble enough, you can normally dodge them then turn back and collect what was inside. If you are in a mood for overkill, you can aproach them with your sword powered up and destroy them before they get close to you. You can also swat them out of the air with your sword. But why bother?



Red Bubble

Red Bubbles are skulls with wings that normally leap out of lava and back in. There is no real reason to bother fighting them, but they can by shot if you wish.


ReDead are slow moving brown Zombies found in certain dungeons and in Hyrule Market as an Adult. In all places except the Market, you will be frozen for a time if they look at you. It takes awhile to kill them with your sword as a kid, so it is best to just run by. As an adult, using the Biggoron's Sword, you can kill them in two slices. Even then it is sometimes best to keep back, because if you get too close and are not attacking them, they will leap onto your back and uh.. start using an odd technique to harm you. While locked in their grip, tap buttons to escape before it drains all of your life away.

Red Tektite

A Red Tektite is just a red version of Blue Tektites. They are jumping spiders that you most commonly find along Death Mountain Trail, but can be found in other places as well. A Few good slices with your sword while it isn't jumping should take care of it. Any weapon will work on it though.


Skull Kid

Skullkids are only your enemy as adult Link, and are exclusively found in the Lost Woods. As a kid, they can actually be your friends and you can get a couple heart pieces from them. But when you return to the forest as an adult, they will attack you by spitting from their flutes. They can be kind of tough but will normally just disappear after awhile. But if you defeat one, you will get a giant rupee worth 200 rupees.


A Skullwalltula is a skulltula that just hangs out on a climbable wall and does very little. If you climb the wall next to it, the skullwalltula will charge you and normally knock you off. It is best to take them out long range with a slingshot, bow, or hookshot. You can also knock them off the wall and kill them with a good ground pound from the megaton hammer.


Stalchilds are those Skeleton zombies that pop out of the ground at night in Hyrule Field as a kid. Possibly related to the Stalfos, these guys are much easier to beat. You can attach them with anything you wish, but the sword is more than adequete to take care of them. They attack you by swatting with their hands. If you Lure them into water, they will be killed. If you wait out the night until Morning, they will return to the ground. Finally, if you attack one with a horizontal cut, you will chop its head off. The body will still come after you, albeit it will sometimes miss and go wondering off on its own.


A Stalfos is a large skeletal like enemy equipped with a sword and shield. They are found in many different temples both as a child and an adult. Most of the time if you defeat them, a chest appears or a door opens. You defeat them by attacking them while their guard is down. That will be right as they are attacking you. Be careful, these guys like to do leaping overhead attacks at you. An advantage you have is that they can be stunned pretty easily with deku nuts, and they will sometimes accidently leap off cliffs. It is a very good idea to keep them locked on with Z-Targeting, as they have a habbit of circling around you.






Wallmasters are giant hands that drop down from the cieling and grap you if you are still for too long. It will deposit you in a different area, normally the beginning of a level. If you keep running in a room with a Wallmaster in it, the shadow will still follow you and get bigger until it drops down, but it will miss. Attack it with your sword multiple times to kill it.


Wolfos are pretty annoying baddies. They can block the majority of your sword hits with their claws. But when they begin to attack or run, you can catch them off guard with a quick strike. If not, just keep on attacking until your hits get through its defenses and you kill it. They like to run circles around you, so it is best to keep locked on with Z-Targeting.