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Kakariko Village Cucco (Chicken) Locations

As the title of this page implies, the following information is a basic quick rundown of where the Cuccos are in Kakariko Village and how to get to them. You collect them by picking them up with A, taking them over to the small fenced off pen next to the Cucco lady standing outside, and throwing them inside. So without further ramblings, here they are.

  1. You will find the first one at the entrance to Kakariko Village from Hyrule field just past the wooden fence/entrance area.
  2. The second is hiding in a box in front of the first house facing the entrance to Kakariko Village from Hyrule field. Do a roll into the box or blow it up to bust it, then get that cucco.
  3. Walk up the flight of stairs from there towards the gate and entrance of Death Mountain trail to find another cucco walking around on that terrace.
  4. If you have not noticed by now, there is one right next to the pen where you toss the cuccos into.
  5. Take one of your already captured cuccos out and walk up the ramp leading to the building that is under construction. Face the house of Skulltula and glide over with that cucco to the platform with the other cucco on it. Toss your first cucco off, then pick up the one there and take it back. Then go back for your tossed cucco and pick it up. Walk up the ramp towards the back of the Village and walk along in front of the Windmill.
  6. With a cucco in hand, leap from the edge of the raised platform in front of the windmill over to the fenced off area. You will glide over the smaller fence to the left side. Toss the cucco over the fence, then go down and retrieve the other cucco. Toss it over the fence as well.
  7. The final Cucco is up the ladder in the fenced off area. Climb up it, and the cucco will be walking around the area up there next to the windmill. Take it back over to the pen, then go get the other two cuccos you tossed over the fence and drop them in the pen as well. Talk to the cucco lady, and she should give you a bottle. If you already have the bottle, she will reward you with fifty rupees.

This is all done as a kid, but there is one cucco left in the village as an adult. With the longshot, get up onto the purple roof house and face the windmill with the Longshot out again. You can grapple onto a small wooden stake inside a doorway to the lower left hand corner of the windmill with the longshot. Once you do, follow the short corridor up the flight of stairs to find another cucco. You can glide around with it, but you get nothing for returning it to the pen. Attacking it will cause a flurry of other chickens to appear and dive bomb at you.