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Bottle Reflection

Link reflecting a blast back at Phantom Gannondorf with a bottle.

As you can see here, Link is battling Phantom Ganondorf, but he is not trying to reflect his blast back at him with a sword, but with a bottle! You may also notice the many many hearts he has, full magic, the megaton hammer, and a couple other things he really shouldn't have. This was mostly just me screwing around.

Link about to send another blast back at Phantom Gannondorf with his deadly bottle.

Here is another pic of Link and his deadly bottle in action.

Successful Deflection!

Link follows through with perfect timing, and the blast reverses direction.

The blast heads back to Phantom Gannondorf.

Link watches on as the blast sails through the air, back towards his foe.

Well, he missed.

Of course, aiming with a bottle can be kind of tough, so the blast missed.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

Shortly after, Link pulls it off with better aim. Who knew a bottle could hurt someone so much?