Other sites of relevance to the band are here, including links to their individual sites where you can snag various music and keep up with their new projects:

The Original Splashdown "Mirror" - This cool cat is trying to complete a project to mirror all the relevant information from the original site, while more importantly providing downloads to all of their past music (with the band's blessing.)
The Splashdown Yahoo! Group - And E-mailing list. Link up with other fans.
The Official Website (Closed) - All you'll get for now is a "Site closed" sign, but maybe some day in the future things will change.

Band Member Sites

Universal Hall Pass (UHP) - This is vocalist Melissa Kaplan's new site (rather image intense.) It has some good new songs available for download (including one collaboration with a former bandmate.)
AdamBuhler.com - Guitarist Adam Buhler isn't so great when it comes to updating his site, but what he does have there makes it more than worth a click. Includes under the "Written Word" section an interesting story behind the Splashdown song "Lost Frontier," including downloadable links to a demo and finished version of the song. Also has downloads for other music projects he's been involved in and an instrumental version of "Halfworld."
Symbion Project - Kasson would lay down and mix some pretty awesome beats while working with Splashdown. The Symbion Project is an interesting collection of remixes of Splashdown songs, as well as wholly original music.
FreezePop - FreezePop is a Synth Band that Kasson joined up with.
ChrisChild.com - Has a copy of the song he and Melissa did together, Shades of Blue.

Other Fansites

Mayan Pilot - Fan site that offers a rotation of songs (not just from Blueshift, but other rare ones as well.)
The Kiosk - Full Download of Blueshift, 128 kb quality.

Splashdown Fansite - A fellow fansite project.

Other Sites I do:

Ruidoso's Site of Sean's - Personal homepage of me and another fellow named Sean.
Viva-NM.com - A store I designed and am involved with that sells Sothwestern Products.
Project Codesaber - Something I'll get around to working on eventually.