Important: Melissa Kaplan (The magestic vocalist of Splashdown) has released her first post-Splashdown album, entitled Mercury. For all you fans e-mailing asking where to buy Splashdown albums, I highly suggest you snag this CD and help support her (since you can't get Splashdown albums anymore.) But to celebrate, I'm going to be making every Splashdown song I have available for Download. (Remember, that's part of what makes Splashdown so great - Them encouraging fans to download their music and share it.)

      Welcome to this little Splashdown shrine, where you'll find all sorts of information about the awesomely creative band Splashdown, which created a wide range of unique music between 1996 and 2001. Despite issues with a record label that caused the band members to go on an "indefinite hiatus," the band members continue to remain active in the world of music, and the band itself continues to grow a stronger following as more people hear their music.

Thanks to the webmaster of the now-closed Official site, I have plenty of pictures, reviews, and other neat tidbits to convert and post on here. (You rock Julian.)

In the mean time, you can check out the Yahoo! Group dedicated to Splashdown, where you can track down rare files, keep up with what the band members are working on now, and discuss the meaning of some of your favorite songs.

Site History:

11-30-04 - I added "Stars and Garters" and the "Halfworld EP" to the downloads section.
11-28-04 - Man, it's been awhile. Either way, the whole Blueshift Album is now available for Download. More soon.
-Updated the FAQ
05-29-04 - Go here and download all of the album Blueshift, for free. Get going! .... Back yet? Good. I added a few pics of the band in concert to the Gallery, added a few new links to some fansites, and fixed a couple bugs. I also updated the FAQ with new information. So swing by there to have some of the most common questions I get about Splashdown answered.
03-03-04 - A friend from the Splashdown Group asked me to link to a site where you can snag the ENTIRE Blueshift album in BitTorrent format. You have to have BitTorrent on your computer to download the album from this site. It's a neat little program that manages downloads, it's free, and apparently open source. You also have to download the codec for .flac format, which is also a free open source codec (it allows Winamp or Windows Media Player to play these files, which are much better than MP3s.)
(You can download the program here.)
(The Codec you need is linked there.)
(The Site with the Album is here.)
I know it seems like a lot of downloading, but if you want the whole album in perfect condition, for free, and legal, this is the way it is. I will continue randomly linking my favorite songs in this page's download section. 02-23-04 - Ironspy now available for download.
02-04-04 - Fixed MP3 Downloads. Currently Elvis Sunday and So Ha are available.
01-19-04 - Elvis Sunday now available for Download.
12-26-03 - Wallpapers Section Added.
12-25-03 - Site Launch!