Splashdown's music is no longer available to buy. Blueshift was never released, and you'd be lucky to find a CD in a used bin somewhere or on E-Bay. However, the band decided to fully allow and encourage everyone to share their music as much as they want. See the official notice here. Download as much as you want, and be sure to share it with your friends. If you want to support the members, then be sure to check out their other projects.

Right click the links and select "Save Target As" to download it onto your hard drive. If you left click, you'll likely get an error.


01 - A Charming Spell.mp3 Download
02 - Presumed lost.mp3 Download
03 - Sugar High.mp3 Download
04 - All Things.mp3 Download
05 - Mayan Pilot.mp3 Download
06 - The Archer.mp3 Download
07 - Elvis Sunday.mp3 Download
08 - Ironspy.mp3 Download
09 - Games You Play.mp3 Download
10 - Dig.mp3 Download
11 - Waterbead.mp3 Download
12 - Procreation Chick.mp3 Download
13 - Lost Frontier.mp3 Download
14 - Halfworld.mp3 Download
15 - I Understand.mp3 Download
16 - Over The Wall.mp3 Download

Halfworld EP

01 - Ironspy.mp3 Download
02 - Sugar High.mp3
03 - Halfworld.mp3 Download
04 - Over The Wall.mp3 Download
05 - Beguiled Mark II.mp3 Download

Stars And Garters

01 - Thunder.mp3 Download
02 - Pandora.mp3 Download
03 - presumed lost.mp3 Download
04 - beguiled.mp3 Download
05 - so ha.mp3 Download
06 - need versus want.mp3 Download
07 - paradox.mp3 Download
08 - deserter.mp3 Download
09 - running with scissors.mp3 Download

If you have a suggestion or request, then feel free to E-mail me.

Other Downloads:

If these MP3s are down, you can get some high quality downloads of the whole Blueshift Album here.

Shades of Blue - This song is a rip from the PS2 game "Amplitude" where Chris Child mixes a fast beat, and Melissa lends her voice talent to be mixed. It is available also at ChrisChild.com, but this is a version you can save on your hard drive easier.(Size: 4.5 MB)

So Ha - Download an earlier song by the band.(Size: 2.6 MB)