Musicality is what, to many people, defines a good portion of their life. Sean Lucy has been avidly engaged in numerous musical projects and bands, including "Altered Ego" and the Ruidoso project, Deaf Smith County. With a knack for lyrical spinnings and an odd sense of humor, his works are world famous... only not. Sean is currently pursuing multiple projects, most recent of which being The Quasi.

To download these music files, right click on the link and select "save target as." The files are encoded at 128k in MP3 format to cut down on download time. Despite this, if you're an impatient one, don't download them, because there's quite a bit of talking going on in most of these songs, since they are not album releases.

Best of the Best - The Quasi
(This section contains the best of the past year with Deaf Smith County, re-edited to overcome some of the difficulties with ghetto-ass recording.)

Deaf Smith County
Final accoustic session of Deaf Smith County. Below are all the original versions of the songs.
This song began quick, hard, and loud, with a lot of screaming and distortions on the guitar, despite the rather melencholy lyrics. When the band toned it down for the acoustic set, they realized it was much better. Even recorded from an old 4 track, this songs potential is quite evident.

Ode To Frost
Here's the acoustic rehash of the song from Obviously Something. A lot has been improved, but due to a lack of backup singers, Sean sang his own backup. Nifty.

Sing Myself to Sleep (Acoustic)
Sing myself to sleep, with vocals recorded using a real microphone, as such, there's more singing. Still no sleeping though.

Deaf Smith County 1.1
Bicycle Stairs
Last recorded acoustic Version.

Shallow Sea
Listen to that 4-track goodness.

Another attempt at an acoustic version of Discogirl.

Lovington Skies sung in a different style.

The Broken Mike Session (Hellraiser Session 3.5)
Shallow Sea
New song, catchy. Still in the works.

Guitarshop Hockey (Hellraiser Session 3)
(AKA - "The Broken Mic Incident")
We Ready!...
About 5 seconds long. SL's response to SD being retarded with a Mexican accent.

Go to Hell... I'm going to Brazil.

Daven's Song
A lot of heartfelt screaming at the top of his lungs.

Discogirl 2.0
Much faster version. With much drumming.

Phone 2.0
Uptempo version of Phone. Much faster than even the last version, with no dual vocals.

Listen to the lyrics, if you can get past the low quality of the recording.. You may laugh. If not, just listen to the mad drumming skillz in play.

LaPoose Strikes Back (Hellraiser Session 2)
Bicycle Stairs 2.0 (Amped)
If you keep riding that bicycle down the stairs, you're going to break something.

No singing here, just mad guitar playing by Guy and Jonathon. The quality of the recording didn't turn out as well as hoped though.

Lovington Skies - Amped up
A much better version of Lovington Skies. This is the full out non-acoustic version of the song, with the whole band playing. The recording quality is much higher.

A song that opens up with a nice drum beat. Sean sings backup for himself on this version, just because he can.

Redlight Times
Because some of us don't exactly know what red means.

Sing Myself To Sleep
The best song you will ever hear, that has to do with singing oneself to sleep.

HellRaiser Session 1 (Recorded at SD's Hellraiser studio)
Bicycle Stairs
It's just like riding a bicycle down the stairs.

Lovington Skies
There are no stars.

The Acoustic version of the international superhit Discogirl.

More From Obviously Something
(More Musical Tributes and half-assed covers)
Love is a Wave
One of the cooler songs to come out of this session.
Night Like Tonight (Ode to Frost)
This is an interesting song, because Sean's currently in the process of possibly rewriting the song.

Obviously Something (Unplugged)
(Because sometimes its better to just sing covers, or interpret them your own way)
The Road Goes On...
But the party will never end. The lyrics in this are more like a fast paced storytelling. (Filesize: 3.34 MB)

The Midnight Oil - 1
This is a version of another song off of Obviously Something, a song of loneliness.. or something like that. (Filesize: 2.85 MB)

The Midnight Oil - 2
Here's an alternate version of the above song. See if you can spot the differences, besides the presence of a guitar. I believe I prefer this version. (Filesize: 2.80 MB)

Sean improvising a Polka while his bandmates fuck around. (Filesize: 1.07 MB)

Love in the Library (Demo)
This is a demo of our latest hit single, which recently hit the top 20 in the Brazillian pop charts. No, not really. But it's good... Kinda... In a way. (Filesize: 4.30 MB)

Mucking About
I'm Just a Girl P1 (No Doubt)
The mic was running while Andrew and Sean were mucking about one evening. This was the result. Note: After this, Sean Lucy moved on, Andrew took the guitar, but later gave it back, and the other Sean still hasn't installed his printer yet.

I'm Just a Girl P2 (No Doubt)
After amusing everyone with a stirring rendition of "I'm Just a Girl" filled with multiple arguments and traded insults (see above), Andrew and Sean got down to business and belted out an ironically mocking homage to No Doubt, despite being the wrong gender for the song. (Filesize: 2.24 MB)

Territorial Pissing (Nirvana)
This was a lesser known tune by Nirvana, that Sean decided to slow down and put to an acoustic guitar with Andrew, in a moment of boredom. The recording isn't the best of quality, as it was done on Sean D's computer, with his crappy little mic just taking everything in while they learned the song. (Filesize: 2.48 MB)

Lyricality at its finest. Don't know what the hell is being said in one of Sean's songs? Well neither do we. But we'll take a good crack at figuring it out for you.

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