Random Pics

College 2
The location is new. The look isn't.

This is college
This is what a Sean looks like at college.

Portrait of a Man Named Sean
It's Sean again.

Portfolio-Concentration Artworks.
The concept for this portfolio concentration was to focus on the musicians that have affected me most, and either try to make a tribute to them, bring out some aspect of their character, or otherwise show how they have affected me emotionally through processes of digital editing. Some of you may recognize the text that blends in as lyrics, which I find to be particularly meaningful for each artist.
The Beatles A Tribute to the Beatles.
Jim M Wicked colors on this one.
Kurt Kurt Cobain.. A man of contrasts.
Ol' Bob D Orangey..
A Bob of a different kind Think Bob Marley
Jimmy Hendrix
Modest Mouse The Best Ever.
Seanathon -- Ala Altered Ego Self indulgence is the best.
Tom Lehrer Comedic genius with a inique voice.
Weezer Well, this was my portfolio. Do you think there'd be a series focused on musicians done by me without Weezer? Good.
What's Wrong With Marina? We May Never know...
Non Portfolio-Concentration Artworks.
These are other portfolio art pieces I have done, but are not a part of the concentration.
Self Portrait Self explanatory.. only done in an interesting way...
Two Roads The concept on this one was to take a poem and visualize it, then bring the visualization to life. This piece is a combination of cut paper combined with digital enhancements. Duffy thinks this is one of my best ones.
Room If you lived in a room like this, where would you put the lamp?