I always find myself working on various design projects for whatever reason. So if you're done with the SOS, check out some of my other projects. (Note: While HTMLness has various code related pages I made, these are ongoing projects that I actually update from time to time.)

New Orleans Photos
Site for photos of New Orleans

New Orleans French Quarter Photos
French Quarter Photographs

The MP3 Project
Explanation and examples of how MP3 compression effects music quality. Music Downloaders should read.

I made a shrine to perhaps the greatest band of all time, Splashwon. Check it out.

Jensaarai DevArt
Too lazy to run my own site for my craptacular art, I now have a DeviantArt page! Actually updated with semi regularity.

CommuCorp, the secret bastard love-child of Communism and Capitalism, is now on the web, and looking rather spiffy, too. Thanks to fraxyl for the primary design there.

Codesaber 1.2
I never planned on continuing with this project beyond the basic layout, and don't necessarily plan on it still, but the name "Codesaber" sounds pretty badass, maybe even worthy of its own .com one day. So I came up with a concept and just implemented phase 1 of the plan.

I know this one is already in HTMLness, but it's become a project I've come to update on occasion whenever I think of a new gag, or Geocities changes their front page slightly. This one has been getting a LOT of hits from various search engines. I guess nobody likes Geoshities.

I'm not a particularly good artist, but I've mucked about enough with various artistic forms to warrant an online portfolio. (Actually, I was just looking for content to go with the spiffy layout, this just fit.)

RMSD (Ruidoso Municipal School District)
I co-webmaster this site with another intern at RHS. Not particularly exciting, unless you're into school websites and all.

The Searian
The Searian was the project I was working on before the idea for the SOS cropped up, so it can be considered the prototype for this site (hence the similarity in navigation scheme.) I still use it as a storehouse for some things when I don't have access to Mindfreeze.

Viva New Mexico
A local store I helped design and create a website for.

Zelda 64 Pro
One summer a couple years back, I fell into the trap of video game obsession. This is the result. In it's Hey-day, Z64 Pro had the most and by for the most original list of various ways to glitch the game out and extend the playability of your cartridge. I don't update much anymore, but once and awhile, I throw some pics up.

Here's a spoof site I made of those various Online Shrines to Dragonball Z. Also includes some of my webcomics I've done at random times.