First off: This is useless, and thus cannot really count as content. The main and true purpose of this website has really been nothing more than being a place for me to test out various bits of HTML coding and other scripts. At any rate, I figured since I like to tweak coding and mess about with it, I'd share some of my particularly cool/irritating tweaks.

Note: Feel free to take a peek at the code with these pages. I don't mind. Just don't jack the content. (Considering I don't have any content, that shouldn't be a problem.)

Comp Crasher (DO NOT CLICK)
Clicking this link will cause your computer to open a new window. This new window will try to execute a simple string of Javascript code which tells it to reload the page. Since there is nothing to reload, it will execute an infinite amount of times, over and over again, many many times per second. This will sap all of your computer's processor power, making it sluggish, possibly even crashing it.

Bad -- Popup Cycle

Clicking this link will cause your computer to open a new window, with a popup message will load. THen another. And another, and another. Then about 50 more in a row, each comming up after you click "ok." Once you click "ok" on them all, the page will reload. You won't be able to exit in some programs. Thus, you will have to "ctr alt del" to regain control of your comp.

Bad -- New Window Open. (DO NOT CLICK)
Clicking this link will cause your computer to load a new window. Which will open two more windows, refresh, and open two more, indefinitely. Each of these new windows will open two new windows, refresh, indefinitely. SO on and so forth until an expontential amount of windows have loaded, and bogged down your system to a halt. So if you feel like crashing your computer, go for it.

Iframe Quote Refresh
Here's an odd one. What this does is load a page with an Iframe in that middle. Within the Iframe is a page that self refreshes every 6 seconds or so, and is meant to display random quotes (the same ones at the main page). The end result is that every 6 seconds the box has a new quote within it. I'm thinking about sticking it on the front page, for this now allows a much smaller reload to bring new quotes up, and allows the user to keep going about their business without interference. (Non Javascript Version)

I'm not sure why I did this... Maybe I just felt like being cruel, or stupid. Pretty much, it's just two pages that redirect to each other. Just imagine how irritating THAT one would get. I'm beginning to wonder what would happen if I put all this stuff together.

The Annoying Scrolling Website 1
Self explanatory. I was mucking about with a bit of code today, and came up with possibly the most irritating single thing one can do to a website. I used the front page of this site as the example.

The Annoying Scrolling Website 2
This is pretty much like the above, but a more practical usage. By practical, I mean not as irritating. Pretty much it becomes nothing more than a peculiar and overly easy substitute for a site intro.

The Really Annoying Not-Quite-Scrolling Website
Here's an odd effect I was shooting for. It was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Either way, it's like the above two pages after a fashion, only with a counter scroll that actually causes the website to go just about nowhere. (Ideally). The end result is the Website "wiping in" then "wiping out" repetetively. Due to some issues with window sizing and the like, however, it seems to move a couple pixels to the left every time it wipes in. (On screens with other resolutions, it may move dramatically, or the desired nullification of movement may not occur.)

Yapoo! Geoshities
After at least Four Incarnations of this page "working" on Yahoo! Geocities, I got fed up and moved to Tripod. But I couldn't resist leaving behind this little spoof page on their servers.