If it's cool, random, amusing, or just stupid, and it's an image, you'll find it here. Welcome to the Gallerium.

Band Session 1 (Gallery)
Photos I took when Sean and his band friends were jamming and recording one night. Some good art shots included.

As of some time around the beginning of 2004.

Google News Issue
This is the full size screencap of my definitive proof as to why automated news feeds still have a ways to go. If you don't see the irony between the nature of the top story and the image the system chose for it.. Well, I heard there's a neat freeway you can play on.

Evil Sean
This is Sean's evil twin.

Poofed Hair
Portrait of me with the poofy hair.

The search was beginning to become a touch redundant.

The search was beginning to become a touch redundant.

The Greatest News Headline of All Time
Need I say more? Click!

Fear Y2k in Y2k3!
I wonder how often this website is updated.

Y2k in 2k3 details
See above. This is a shot of the actual "Y2k statement" that the company still deems necessary 3 years later.

Most of the time, random clicking will take you pretty far in that game. But after awhile, you know you're screwed.

I've been accused of wearing the same thing all the time. Well, I bring you photographic evidence to put those slanderous claims to rest.

Burger King Sign
Here's a pic I took of the sign of a local Burger King, a short time before it shut down. I believe the sign reveals why they couldn't stay open. (Hint: Think grammar.)

Break Dancing C-3PO
Remember the old Game Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight? Well, I was the 1337 master at that game, aka, the Creepy Crawler. (Don't ask.) But even a master like me got killed every once and awhile. This is an odd thing I noticed one time when leaping off cliffs. In the process of death, C-3P0 looks like he's busting out with some mad break dancing skillz. (Size: 356kb)

I decided to take a crack at making a guest comic for Natch Comics. I don't think it was the right sort of comic, but it was humorous enough to any DBZ fan... I figured I'd archive it somewhere. (Link goes to the Comic site this comic spawned) (Size: 376kb)

I was doing the infamous Google search for "Go to Hell" which used to oddly enough lead you to Microsoft. Unfortunately, I think people have capitalized on the amusement factor and begun Google-Bombing to influence the results. At any rate, that's not the point. I have this odd little utility from Comic Cursor that makes a frame and tells you the top 10 related searches to yours. It's at the bottom of the Window.. Some of the results are.. odd.. to say the least. (Size: 312kb)

Popup Irony
I was surfing about in search of Splashdown Lyrics when an event occured that made me just stop and stare at my computer screen for a long moment. A popup ad had been brought into focus by the website I was searching, which was no big surprise, but the fact that it was advertising anti-popup software just made me stop to consider the odd irony there. There's the obvious irony, as well as the begged question of "Why would a website which generates revenue with popups, accept advertising that, if successful, would cut into their revenue?" I'm guessing since it asks for your e-mail address, it has to be a trick of some sort. The whole thing just makes my head hurt. Naturally, I took a screenshot. (Image resolution: 800x600, Image File Size: 80Kb)