For the School Newspaper, I decided to lend my opinion on Back to school Fashion don'ts... With a Sean twist on things, of course. This is the version before it went into editing, so it comes complete with a weak, but odd opening, whatever grammatical mistakes I made, but more importantly, a few stinging comments and an off reference on the end that anyone who knows about recent events involving Ruidoso Cops would recognize, and thus could have gotten the paper in trouble.

Fashionable (unedited)

Sean Duffy

So here I am, to talk about fashion. No, I am not going to talk about the latest fall fashions, back to school gear, or even whatever people around the school are wearing. I could literally not know or care less about it (unless it involves flannel jackets.) Rather, I shall gripe about the unique fashions that have been ruined by events having nothing to do with them, and are thus major ďdonítsĒ as they call them.
Take the trench coat for instance. The trench coat is an innately badass article of clothing, whether one believes it harkens back to old detective stories from a time long before we were around, spy novels, or even popular movies such as the Matrix. You cannot deny that there is an inherent cool property there. Of course, you wear one around school, and everyone will immediately link you with Columbine somehow. Thanks to a couple of disgruntled pricks, the trench coat has been ruined.
There are others, however. When was the last time you saw a fellow sporting one of those Hitler moustaches? Thereís no law against them anywhere. But I donít think youíll be finding anyone trying to make some sort of statement in that manner. The Nazis managed to not only ruin that look, but now being a white dude with a shaved head suddenly implies racism in some areas.
Then there is the lovable turban. Thanks to Osama Bin Hidiní out in Afghanistan and his 9/11 handiwork, its been reported that some American Muslims have ditched the Turban and/or shaved the beard for fear of persecution. Or so the television tells me so.
You can deny it all you want. But just think of what would happen if I showed up to school tomorrow wearing a trench coat, with one of those Hitler moustaches, a shaved head, and a turban on for good measure. Primarily, Iíd just look stupid. But then Ruidoso High School would be the site of a good old-fashioned mob lynching, or at least a public flogging or two. (Or maybe the Cops would like that job instead.) Afterwards, Iíd be sent down to Alamogordo and burned atop a pile of Harry Potter books, just for good measure. I think Iíll stick to the flannel jacket.