This is another useless, "not-necessarily-content" sort of page. However, this is the closest thing to actual content, but by no means can it be classified as meaningful. Enough ranting, the true purpose of this page is to serve as an index for various writings and the like I have had a hand in working on.

Again while rummaging through old backlogs, I ran across a post I made for the long defunct secretgoldfish.com message boards. It's just a rambling complaint about how there's nothing on TV, but I make a bunch of random sarcastic comments that may be amusing.

Essay Grade Justification
Here's an old one I found. The assignment was to do a Justification of the grade you earned on a previous essay in English class. Unfortunately, since I had not done that essay, I was left in a rather unusual position on THIS assignment, but I leapt ahead and did it anyways, raising the question of why I hadn't done the first essay in the first place.

The Googlism Story
This surprisingly amusing "story outline" is the result of boredom on my part. (Isn't everything?) Using Googlism.com, a website that will search your name or anything you enter and tell you what "The Internet" thinks of them, I created a story. I consulted Googlism.com for everything from the plot to character attributes. Check it out.

Furby Transcript
Due to an unusually high demand, here's the infamous "Furby Transcript." If you don't know what that is, it's like the Seanisms, only ten times more ridiculous, so don't click the link. Filesize: Just a tick over a megabyte, so if you're on a slow connection, be patient.

CommuCorp - A Formal Essay On
Homework leads to boredom, boredom leads to crackpot theories, crackpot theories lead to suffering. Actually, if you know me, then you should be familiar with either the CommuCorp joke or the valid theory behind it. This essay explores the supporting factors behind the theory.

Ef i Wer Ded
An Average 8th Grade Writing Assessment gone horribly wrong.

Fashion (unedited)
For the School Newspaper, I decided to lend my opinion on Back to school Fashion don'ts... With a Sean twist on things, of course. This is the version before it went into editing, so it comes complete with a weak, but odd opening, whatever grammatical mistakes I made, but more importantly, a few stinging comments and an off reference on the end that anyone who knows about recent events involving Ruidoso Cops would recognize, and thus could have gotten the paper in trouble. I myself don't care, so you get a bonus.

Gaia Theory and The Purpose of Humanity (p2)
I started ranting for one assginment about the Gaia theory and its implications on the nature of humanity. This essay rounds out the basic ideas and theories presented.

This is an example of what happens when the Sci-Fi & Fantasy chat room in Yahoo! gets really bored. Mostly, it was just everyone finding as many odd names to fuse with "Sean" as possible. Note: Due to formatting issues, this is a Microsoft Word .doc file sized at 178 kb, so it may take a bit to load on slow connections.

The Mystery of the Missing Mouseballs
Cory and I wrote an article for our school newspaper, The RHS Today. We took a rather irritating issue that was plaguing the school computer labs and blew it up into one giant joke.

The Stupid Chronicles (Part 1)
I was digging around and found this in my old files. This is pretty much the write up for an expirement Cory and I held. The objective was to test human stupidity through a rather lame piece of social engineering.

The Trial of Alan Mendez
I was digging around and found this in my old files. Another ghost of the Eigth Grade, this file shows what happens when my mother gets involved in my homework assignments. The project was to write up a transcript for your interpretation of the "Mock Trial" that took place as part of a project on criminal justice. Of course, whenever she helps with my work, our odd humor manages to sneak its way in. This was a particularly bad case. (Note: In the mock trial, I played Peter McLain, And Raymond Dobbs, who co-wrote Ef i Wer Ded was Alan Mendez. Hence the rather odd behavior of both characters in this mock transcript of a mock trial. Due to formatting issues, I had to leave it in Microsoft Word .doc format.)

Why You Shouldn't Be Reading This
It was late, I was bored, and the argumentative essay about the theoretical effects of the Feminist movement on the vague idea of "The Tyranny of Youth" was really irritating me. These are the perfect ingredients for BS of true quality.