When you spend enough time in a chat room, you'll see funny things happen. Or at least stupid things will begin to appear funny. So, in the spirit of Zoid's Chat Classics I bring you Chat Classics 2.02a-beta. Note: All pages are in Microsoft .doc format, if you have a problem with this.. then you have a problem. The average filesize is about 50kb, so be patient if you're using Ancient-tech to access.

Chat Classics Page 011 It's all about the Benjamins, Abby.
Chat Classics Page 010 Kinda Like Jetlag.
Chat Classics Page 009 "Fourteen million generations from now, I'll have a penis!" - Datazoid
Chat Classics Page 008 That's pure Flashiness™
Chat Classics Page 007 Colonpipes abound.
Chat Classics Page 006 Exploding mousepads!
Chat Classics Page 005 Oh, such joys a typo can bring to our pitiful existence.
Chat Classics Page 004 Fear the Human Beans!
Chat Classics Page 003 Not just from the Yahoo! Sci-fi room this time. Now we have an IM conversation.. wow.
Chat Classics Page 002 And again with the humo(u)r.
Chat Classics Page 001 Mmm.. Classical..

SS Fap Fap
Those who know SS get the joke. If not, move along. Nothing to see here.

Sean's Randomosity
I ran into this transcript of an IM conversation I found particularly amusing, where someone I did not know at the time contacted me, so I decided to confuse them through sheer randomness and redundancy combined. If you're one who's into weird coincidences, I make a cryptic remark about exploding space shuttles. This Transcript was saved back in November of 2002, long before anything about Columbia.

Nature of the Universe
An Example of the Infinitely Deep conversations one may experience online. This is what happens when chatters are in that bored, contemplative mood.

Chat Entrances Page 1
Okay, this is a slightly different concept. Once and awhile, you'll innocently log into chat, only to find that the current topic of conversation would be deemed.. dubious at best. Or at least it appears that way right off the bat. Sometimes the first post gives a wrong impression. Either way, here are examples of the worst posts I or someone else have walked into, with eyebrow raising results.