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Ruidoso Man Grows a Pear

Michael Lander, a local man, has grown a pear. Until recently, he had been considered someone who lacked initiative, and was generally seen as a coward. That all changed when he announced to the world on Sunday in the Middle of Midtown Ruidosa that he had grown a pear, earning many strange looks from passerby’s. He was so excited; he offered to show it to anyone who didn’t run away.

“The idea came to me when I told my psychiatrist I was afraid of my own shadow. She seemed to get fed up, but then gave me that life altering advice. She said to grow a pear. I took it to heart. I had never considered horticultural therapy before,” Lander revealed in an interview. The obviously excited fellow went on to explain, “It was hard, and in the end it came out a little misshapen, but I’m happy with the results. I’m a changed man, now that I’ve grown a pear.”

He plans to write a book on his experience, and the benefits of personal agriculture. The book is described to be a self-help manual. The optimistic first draft reads, “If you have enough fortitude, determination, and courage, then you too may be able to grow a pear. But be warned, not everyone can do it.” He has dedicated all of his recent success to the newly grown pear.