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Letter To The Editor of the Ruidosa News!

Dear Editor:
The article in the May 2005 edition of the Ruidoso High School newspaper on “The True Meaning of…” was both morally offensive and inappropriate. I demand that you issue a retraction and print a full apology for all those nasty things you said. There is not a person I have spoken to who was not at least mildly offended by your statements in regard to the nature of this issue.

The article contained many falsehoods and outright lies. The point about the particularly contentious issue on which it was based, which I am too disgusted to repeat, and the stats used to back it up were misrepresented. There were no studies that supported the claims asserted in the article, yet it was presented as truth. I stand strongly opposed to what these misrepresentations imply, and call into question the integrity of your journalists.

I am disappointed that the Ruidosa News! would run such an article, or even tackle the issue. As noted above, I look forward to the retraction in the June issue.