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Filler Article Successfully Written and Used

An article for the April Issue of the RHS Today was successfully completed up to the rigorous standards of the newspaper, and placed on the appropriate page as filler. It met all necessary specifications, including spelling, punctuation, and margin widths. It filled the space perfectly.

The original version of the article was completed and submitted on March 23rd, but a spelilng error then delayed its finish by a day. After fixing the error and making other changes, it was resubmitted on March 24th, and received no further editing. The article contains two hundred thirty nine words and 1,230 separate characters. It was written originally in the 12 point font size, but this was altered by the editor so as it could fit the space perfectly.

Filler articles are often meaningless, and have little point. The person reading one is really just wasting time. However, newspapers include them from time to time when there is an extra space not taken up by ad space or real news. This prevents the newspaper layout from looking awkward and unprofessional. When included on the newspaper’s website, such articles often seem out of place and a waste of reader’s time.

Such articles often include pointless sentences on the end that convey no real meaning, inconsequential to the already inconsequential story, allowing editors to play with the article length by cutting them or leaving them in. Many times such sentences are rehashes of earlier information. They may include information that was already stated. Often this is so.