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Ruidoso High School 11th Grader Shows Up Twice, Passes

The Ruidosa News! has learned a Ruidoso High junior has attended class twice this year, yet is still passing all classes. The student, who’s name we cannot divulge due to privacy laws, and will thus be called Bob, is in no danger at this time of failing any of his courses, or needing to withdraw. Ruidoso High School has a strict policy of only allowing explained or unexplained absences per semester. Afterwards, the student loses credit in class unless an appeal is won.

Bob did not have to appeal to retain credit, however. In the first semester, Bob missed 9 classes, and has already missed 7 days this semester, without explanation. Due to the allowance of school sponsored activity trips, however, Bob has been present in class only twice. “I always do my assigned class work, and I do most of my homework too. My grades are pretty good. But I’m just too busy to show up at school,” he revealed in an interview. “I’m just involved in a lot of activities.”

Bob is involved in a record number of clubs, sports, and extra curricular activities. He is a member of the Ruidoso Warrior football, basketball, and wrestling teams. He also runs cross-country and does various track events, when the sports don’t conflict with each other. “I worked out a deal with the coaches so I could practice before and after school.” Bob also competes regularly for Ruidoso’s top-notch chess team, does knowledge bowl, science bowl, speech and debate competitions, and participates in band competitions.

“I also get involved in any clubs I can, I just can’t say no. With lunch the way it is, we wind up pulling members out of class sometimes as well.” Bob is a representative in student council, is a member of NHS (National Honor Society), NAHS (National Art Honor Society, which he says meets frequently), MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement), SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and SATUOOLA (Students Against The Use Of Overly Long Acronyms.) Bob also attends meetings of the Ruidoso High School Anarchy Club, which he says is the most structured and organized of all the groups he participates in.

On top of that, Bob has been known to work behind the scenes of Drama Club and class performances, help cook for Teepee Lounge, write for the Ruidoso High School Today, work on the yearbook, help organize prom, and participate in various fundraisers for all these groups. Whenever the school offers, he also takes off ski days. Between all of these, Bob has racked up well over a hundred school-sponsored absences, which are excused. When shown his yearbook picture, none of his teachers could identify his face.