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Ruidoso News Briefs

Speed Limit on Gavilan Canyon Reduced - Again

The Ruidoso Transportation authority announced that the speed limit on Gavilan Canyon Road will be reduced further from 25 MPH to –10 MPH, effective immediately. A proposal to lower it to 5 MPH and require drivers to honk every 10 feet is under review.

Ruidoso High School Out Sources Students to India

In a shocking move Friday, the Ruidoso Municipal School District School Board (RMSDSB for short) announced it would be firing all of its students and outsourcing all current positions to India. Citing a less restrictive and cheaper market, the administration decided to implement the move as the quickest way to qualify for President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” Act.

Riodosa School Restructures Government Class

Political Pressure from Local Punk Bands (in the form of irritatingly loud, incoherent protest songs) in Ruidoso has led to the Ruidosa school board restructuring the curriculum for Government Class, a required course for all Seniors who plan to graduate. Citing discrimination laws, and the debate over opposing views in Biology regarding evolution, the Punks successfully rallied to get their views fit into the course load as well. Instead of offering AP US Government, the school will now offer AP US Anarchy, and Anarchy Online.

It's "Kind of a Slow News Day" in Ruidoso, says reporter