Ruidoso is Great!

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-Ruidoso has golf courses! Plenty of them! Don't worry about the drought though. Even when we're on water restriction and need something in the resevoir in case the whole forest butns down, Ruidoso ensures that our golf courses are well watered and remain green at all times. Just for you.

-Ruidosa has Deer! As we continue to cut into the forest and chop down trees, we reduce the habitat for the local deer, which means you'll likely get to see them in your own backyard, searching desperately for a bite to eat! Be sure to wave as they frollick across Gavilan Canyon, playing dodge with the semis! Don't worry, if the cars don't get 'em, there's always a handy dandy hunting liscence!

-Rudoso has bears! With the ongoing drought (See: Golf Courses) and expansion of the city, spotting a bear is a common occurence in Ruidoso. Grab your camera and snap a picture. Nothing's better for a bear than to be harrassed by people when it's looking for food. GO ahead and run up to it for a cuddle -- especially the babies. Years of being chased by gun toting rednecks and camera toting tourists have left them weak, defenseless, and totally used to human contact!

-Riodoso has beer! Ruidoso, like anywhere in New Mexico, has a high proportion of intoxicated teenagers! Laugh at those silly kids as they try to navigate Paradise Canyon at 3 AM after a few too many of "Milwaukee's Best!" The Ruidoso Police Department works hard to break up any parties within city.. village limits so they'll be forced to drive further for your entertainment!

-Riadosa has camping! No need to worry about your campfires! If you burn the forest down, you'll be doing the local developers a favor!

-Riodosa has friendly locals! Totally dependant upon you for their livelihood, the locals will tolerate your inability to drive, your condescending tone of voice, and they will clean up after your litter! If you get stopped for speeding, just act offended and correct the mistaken officer, pointing out how this town couldn't possibly survive without your benevolent choice to spend your vacation in Ruidosa, New Mexico!

-Ruidosa has gamlbing! You are 100% guaranteed to come out of our casinos with more money than you went in with. Seriously. We promise.

-Ruiadoso has skiing! Well, okay. Maybe only sometimes.

Ruidoso - At least it's not Texas!