The New Vulgarity
Tiny Little Peaces

Old pictures of old friends

couldnt say enough how much i miss them

old pictures of old friends

old pictures look at them and then put them back away again

take a new picture of somebody else
just don't think that person will ever be yourself
you're born and you die just like nobody else
which makes you exactly like every other person ever

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01 - Mouth Breather.mp3

02 - Sure Enough.mp3

03 - Nothing Before.mp3

04 - Grand Canyon Sundown.mp3

05 - Dark Water.mp3

06 - Skin of the Teeth.mp3

07 - Seat of the Pants.mp3

08 - Powerlines Appear as Ghosts.mp3

09 - Paper Tigers.mp3

10 - Curtains and Stoppin.mp3