The New Vulgarity
Analog Ghost Machine

Things can always get better
thats what you insist
but in all my quiet moments
my hands are clenched to fists

Download Part I Here: (36 MB)
Download Part II Here: (72 MB)
Or Download both parts here: (108 MB)

Analog Ghost Machine - Part I

01 Paper Aeroplanes.mp3

02 Mighty Waves.mp3

03 Interlude #1.mp3

04 EverythingChanges.mp3

05 INterlude#2.mp3

06 Answers, Mr. Clancy.mp3

07 Alredy OK Allright.mp3

08 Change Channels.mp3

09 High times Roll on.mp3

10 Night and the Goddamn Sunshine.mp3

11 Mouthbreather.mp3

12 Sure Enough.mp3

13 Nothing Before.mp3

14 Grand Canyon Sundown.mp3

Analog Ghost Machine - Part II

15 Dark Water.mp3

16 Skin of the Teeth Demo.mp3

17 Lightning Spiders Webs.mp3

18 Paper Tigers Demo.mp3

19 Starting and Closing.mp3

20 Lionheart.mp3

21 Camera is the Killer.mp3

22 Fuck California.mp3

23 Hot Blood_Cold Tile Acoustic.mp3

24 Lions in Parliment.mp3

25 God Causes Problems.mp3

26 Night of Purple Snow.mp3

27 Hot Blood on Cold Tile Elextric.mp3

28 Hand on the Gun.mp3

29 Blade Runner Waltz.mp3

30 Wooden Wedding Rings.mp3