Many myths exist about sexual relationships and abstinence. You can't trust many of the biased sources on the Internet. This website will help shed some light on the nature of abstinence in relationships and give you the facts you need to know. Once you read this page, you will be able to stand up against peer pressure and be able to JUST SAY NO TO ABSTINENCE!

MYTH: Sexual Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent STDs.

FACT: Sexual abstinence will not provide a 100% defense against STDs. There are many common activities that transmit STDs and not having sex is not particularly useful against them. Other common ways to contract STDs include:

  • Sharing your used heroin needles
  • Blood transfusions, including for surgery!
  • Casual non-sexual contact of the genitals
  • Sharing razor blades for shaving or cutting yourself
  • Using dirty public toilets
  • Purchasing and wearing a prostitute's used underwear
  • Being bitten by an infected person or animal
  • Drinking the blood or urine of a loved one or sworn enemy
  • Eating food that has been ejaculated into by a disgruntled food service employee that was not subsequently heated to a sanitizing temperature. (Under-heated food is a common problem in many resturants.)
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs

MYTH: Sexual Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

FACT: Sexual abstinence is not a 100% guarantee against unwanted pregnancies. There are many common and well known examples of pregnancies not resulting from sexual intercourse:

  • The Virgin Mary - Many who tout abstinence for religious reasons further the MYTH that sexual abstinence is 100% effective against pregnancy when they know and will defend the FACT that the Virgin Mary became pregnant and gave birth to Jesus Christ without engaging in sexual intercourse! They know they are lying to you!
  • Other Virgin births - The Wikipedia keeps a list of other reported virgin births. It is apparently quite common for fiesty deities to impregnate nubile young virgins and leave them to raise the child, WITHOUT even paying child support!
  • Accidental Artificial Insemination -
  • Asexual Reproduction -
  • Physical contact with a male who has recently masturbated
  • Hot Tubs and Pools

MYTH: Sexual abstinence leads to a more commited relationship.

FACT: Abstaining from healthy sexual relations with your partner will lead to tension, fights, and infidelity with friends, relatives, and/or pets. Does that sound like a morally pure relationship to you?

MYTH: Sexual abstinence promotes moral purity.

FACT: Attempts to maintain sexual abstinence have been linked to infidelity, excessive masturbation, obsessive viewing of pornography, and genital cancer. The old saying is true: If you do not use it, you will indeed lose it.

MYTH: Being called a "slut" or "womanizer" is a BAD thing.

FACT: Many people prefer their sexual partners to be skilled and experienced. If you look at the word "womanizer" anyways, it could be interpreted as "one who makes a woman out of a girl." Bet you didn't think of it like that. Sluts are really just female "playas." People who hate sluts are just "playa haters."